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He was over last night watching the game. Now at about nine pm eastern time. He was ready to go home. But I can't blame him for that. But he's still all in with does. I mean, he was rooting for them. And that's great. But this franchise in three years has fallen farther and faster because they were right on the verge of being consistent contender and they have fallen apart faster than any team. I can think of in recent years, maybe the forty Niners statue pointed that out. Because you you wear that scar on your soul of how good the forty Niners were and actually the forty Niners at their best were better than the cardinals were and wants Jim Harbaugh was gone the bottom fell out. Yeah. That's what happens when you're two coaches. Are Jim Tom Soula and chip Kelly. Yeah. Well, hey, but they're turning it around with Shanahan at the helm. They are competitive one in five and yeah. Yeah. Could they have this weekend? I can't remember. Yeah, you're not you know, you know, that that is called would you have hypnosis or something? So you'll forget that they're playing the Rams the Rams coming joining the cardinals at one and six and actually because they lost to the cardinals. They'll be in last place in the NFC west if and when they lose the Rams, I I admire the forty Niners spirit and fight. And and who knows crazier things have happened. Remember last year that Rams forty Niners game played on a Thursday night week three I think that was a classic. That's that was a high scoring exciting affair and it was Brian Hoyer playing quarterback for the forty Niners. So I call Shanahan's very motivated, very driven. And and he will evaluate and improve and correct deficiencies on the fly, which is what he needs to do if the forty Niners want to be competitive in two thousand eighteen it's been a rough start for that. But you know, there's a lot of teams out there that are floating around at that one in five two and four and usually one of them does figure it out. And maybe it'll be the bronze. Maybe there's still hope for the forty Niners. Who knows? But it's it teams aren't done yet. They're close the cause. And the cardinals are but most teams even with a bad record. There's still a chance to turn it around. All right. We're gonna take a break when we return drew Brees gets his chance on Sunday to do something only to other quarterbacks in the history of the sport have ever done. We'll talk about saints ravens coming up when PFC live continues..

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