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Cohost joining us is fox news medical correspondent and a columnist for the hill let anybody ray for the publication apparently putting this guy mark Siegel Hey is we're gonna run for the hills yeah you want to lose my column it's done she wants to much money we can afford or doctor Siegel anyway I'll put a good word in for your last column doctor Siegel raise some eyebrows vertically on the left because you said while vice president Joe Biden had a big night at last week's democratic debate at the same time you and a couple of other folks who were looking at his answers and in terms of how coach and he was in those answers so just curious as far as his health is concerned do you think that there is yeah I know you can't do this from afar and you're probably has not to do it but I know people bought up that there may be some cognitive issues with with Mr Biden told me it would be one of the facts here and I will say I agree with the Goldwater rule which the American psychiatric association said after Barry Goldwater ran for president nineteen sixty four let's not speculate about mental health a bit about someone we've never examine than we do carry that forward to physical health issues and mental health issues and neurological issues as well having said that I also was asked in two thousand and eight to two survey John McCain's health records when he was running for president I looked over a thousand pages and I said at the time I don't see a melanoma recurrence here but I do think maybe this is a new standard so when people run for president now we say what's going on like to see some health records what are the issues now with Joe Biden we know that back in the late eighties he had some brain aneurysms and the way he had them repaired and what what one of them actually we turn to the brain was an older message the surgical message we now do it right through the arteries in the vascular early this was more cumbersome message and studies have shown that this can lead to cognitive impairment what is cognitive impairment it has to do with thinking decision making awareness judgment and that leads me to this point that physicians don't really like the word gas I mean Joe again if it's something that occurs right like you had a little little too much alcohol your little disoriented or you got on a plane too long and you you you get something a little wrong Sir but if there's a pattern of mistakes that are kinda weird you say is this due to something more than a gap something white your record player when you're going to sleep I go home I love that but I have not used a record player in many many years since since I was a kid or you know get coupons to the stock market what's that all about or mixing a permanent in New Hampshire what's that all about we're saying people that the survivors of the horrible parkland shooting visited him when he was vice president when he wasn't vice president so I don't know what all this means but it it bears some scrutiny or or some answers I don't have the answers but I want to know more speaking with fox news medical correspondent Dr mark Siegel well let's expand this a little further let's not talk about by then specifically but just in general on a National Institute of health study that came out just last year talked about when Kaghan decline begins and if you can see early I guess early signs of dementia or Alzheimer's and what they found was that older adults who developed dementia they experience some cognitive decline long before the diagnosis so in general would these types of memory loss it are these what Kaghan declined looks like ultimate goal might mild cognitive impairment which is what you just said and the effects forty million people and again that gets closer to being Cooper something I can't really comment on because I haven't examined them because I'm looking at him under pressure during a speech or during a town hall or during the debate and because what I really want to know is has he had neurocognitive testing and what it did show and water his health records so could it be consistent with that possibly and then that becomes an issue because it because obviously someone that's president needs to have really great judgment is it's a question mark rather than an answer got it respect my doctor mark Siegel his a fox news medical correspondent read a very interesting story in The Washington Post earlier this week doctor that says that your diet can help control chronic health conditions and even eliminate the need for drugs did you see that story yes I did I actually believe that it we all believe in in medicine that food is the medicine of the future that we're going to be able to regulate food food and include chemicals in in in our food well we won't necessarily be taking pills I think it's a recognition the food has a lot of active substances in it that alter mood at all to wait obviously that alter hormones that either decrease or increase increase in formation we know processed food increases information we know that plants have anti oxidants in them that decrease inflammation it easy enough to say plant based diet is the best day and I have not kept you away doctor mark Siegel here you are teasing so no one thing one thing that conscience I always complain about is that no one is speaking enough about the opioid crisis and I saw that you were tweeting about this that for drug companies reached a last minute legal settlement over their role in the opioid addiction epidemic this is gonna be a nine week trial and yet they've reach a conclusion here can you speak a little on that and tell us what's going on double our change my views of this over the last two years I used exclusively blame doctors because I was overwhelmed by the numbers of two hundred million prescriptions per year and I knew that prescription pain killers opioids led to illicit use I knew that four out of five heroin addicts started with prescription drugs and so I always tend to blame the doctors first because we have the power of the prescription pen but you know the ice at the war started to think about I thought well but why is it so easy to get it in the pharmacy was of the pharmacists say in anything what about the distributor and finally what about the drug manufacturer then you find out there whining and dining doctors to take him on vacations they have open advertising making it seem more like a sleeping pill and Cooper we're talking about conditions that are not clearly opioid dependent conditions you can obtain from a lot of resources including muscle spasms in including pulling out your back or having a disk where it's not clear that an opioid is even indicated simply with a wisdom tooth you may be needed for a day or two after an operation how many opioids were prescribed because the more you encounter this drug the higher the chance of addiction the more exposure we call with doctor gourd exposure how much exposure you know did your surgeon give you a hundred twenty five pills to get you out the door what is that all about and again it now that there's a spotlight on OB which we think may be you know some people in chronic pain saying wait a minute I can get my medication and that's a fair response but I'm happy there's a spot like there because I don't want these things given out so easily and respected professor of medicine at New York University school of medicine doctor mark Siegel final question doctor only about thirty seconds to answer this one but the US food and drug administration and even international health authorities are investigating the safety of zantac that's the heartburn medicine saying there could be a cancer causing impurity in the drug what's that about well first also this from a guy who wrote of fear book give you heads intake yesterday today tomorrow next week you're not getting cancer I think it has to do with the more what more about long term exposure over many years and even if it moves the needle slightly increases your risk because this chemical has been shown to cause cancer in animals and was still studying it in humans it could cause cancer I think the answer here is how are these production process is being regulated because Joe most of these medications are made overseas and we have inspectors over there but we can't really control the process the same as we can here and I'm concerned and very concerned actually that these kind of contaminants are getting into our prescription drugs and he is the hottest columnist at the hill I know this is a scene in the numbers Dr mark Siegel fox news medical correspondent thank you so much Sir thanks Dr Cooper thank you for talking them into having me on I appreciate it took a lot believe me arm twisting it was my idea all right enough will talk to you soon and Cooper we come back the wacky and ridiculously expensive items you can buy for the Neiman Marcus catalog catalog are you on it course of course 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