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Their union on the eve even talked about potentially holding a no confidence vote in her we they are holding meetings this week and it was interesting you have a conversation with someone recently that is works a little bit of a different thoughts yeah I I I spoke to a I think I would give that a member of plea who said that the union members were told that chief Williams on Monday of last week told the union leadership that these officers would not be fired and then they were fired on Tuesday with the implication being that there was external pressure put on the chief change her mind in some way shape or form show with these two officers were talking about officer Meyer he was involved in the viral video with the family that reportedly stole something from the dollar store right and detective Swick this is the detective who had some off color of Facebook post yes that that email should be both of those individuals were fired so we wanted to reach out to Phoenix police because that's a pretty explosive claims now we've reached out to both plea as well as Phoenix police to find out you have a source of the saying this can either of these entities you know confirm or deny that yeah that the chief for me no supposedly told plea on Monday nobody was you know they were getting fired and then on Tuesday they were so we did we reach out to Phoenix police and this is what we received chief Williams did not tell please she was not going to terminate Christopher Myers as reported that is from sergeant Tommy Thompson with Phoenix police department setting that record straight we've reached out to plea and hope to get their side of this and were they led to believe something different now please also said they believe that the chief is under pressure from the council the mayor the city to hold these officers response this is Brett London a plea I believe that the chief Williams being an employee of the city even though she said it was her decision and hers.

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