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Hurt do you need to know when you need it it's chemical on radio we've triumph over every and remained united as one nation under god america does not ban we do not wave and we will never ever yield the president earlier today commemorating nine eleven as a new yorker native new yorker himself of course he was very impacted by all of this as well and had a profound impact on him and how he used the world to this day i'm convinced of but we all are and that's why we have this conversation that's why we do it pastor bernard which is saying and that is have a commemoration have the public ceremonies have the remember the reading of the names at ground zero have the have the wall tonight lighting the lights shining them up into the sky so that we we we take a moment and we say what are the lessons here pastor dave watson calvary chapel staten island of in the first segment you mentioned the it was a normal day that turned very abnormal very quickly for you your life was upended like every new yorkers was but your church family had a lot of people that that go to manhattan every day and some of your people were even in the first response would kind of awakening in got involved in your church was very impacted by this talk about some of the lessons you learn there in the immediate aftermath income initially you know there's a a level of anger about some kind of heart a to deal with and i think when when you recognize that someone want to destroy your world other things that are important to you only because you exist and because they perceive uw question is that part of the of the problem with the radical islamic state that's you know it you have to deal the angering after you have to law that i in spite of it but i think the biggest weapon dot that i have learned from nine eleven at that my god is picking up on you know for me the twin towers and for many of us were a symbol of new york and it strang its beauty i i i came here in some way because i used to go up in the powers of.

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