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That's the Promo Code Pod Twenty-five P. O. D. Two five head over to Yahoo today. All Right Gregory were back and we're going to talk a little Morlin Mac Dr seuss. I don't know it's been a weird day. Look look we're gonNA talk about Marlin. McCain wia believe he's going to finish in the top five in the NFL turtle rushing yards. I joked before the break about overreacting reacting after you know a single game and obviously moreland. Mac had a huge first game for the colts this year one hundred seventy four yards rushing twenty five attempts seven yards carrie gets in the end zone looks just looks great looks absolutely spectacular but the reason I think this is going to hold up is one. I've always been a Marlin Mac fan to this teams looking for an identity now that Andrew Luck has gone and that identity is going to be pound the ball tomorrow and Mac behind those big offensive Lyman Lake Went Nelson. This is going to hold up if for no other reason than he's GonNa be force fed the ball Allah the seventy-seven catch season Tarot prior and I will call them Tara because deserve to be called. Terrell doesn't deserve to the proper pronunciation of his name because he's garbage garbage man weep little tirade their star Trek. I'm losing my mind. The important thing to realize and later on people doctors probably police officers will listen to these tapes and they'll say Chris clearly going crazy at this point we should. We should have seen it coming no but he's going to be forced. The trout prior was in the seventy seven cash season for the browns because he's the only option they have to put after go somewhere with the football. He's the best chance of success on any given play and that's why it's going to hold up. This is a good football player who has a great opportunity. Yeah Ah we we also talk about the overreaction part of it and I do. I do think one of the interesting things that the colts are going to bring is they don't really have that pressure pressure on them now which which is an interesting an interesting thing to think about the NFL where three weeks ago we were talking about. Andrew lucked potentially leading them into the Super Bowl and now after the sudden retirement. The gloves are kind of often. Mac is certainly going to have an opportunity to sort of take takeover as the de facto offensive powerhouse for for the for the colts however there are plenty of other offensive powerhouses that I see taking that crown and keeping Marlin Mac out of the top five and just rattle off a few guys Christian McCaffrey who had another big game. Obviously he does a a lot of damage receiving but he always has that potential to break off any run same what Saquon Barkley who for all intents and purposes is really the only weapon happen on offense for the giants and if the Daniel Jones Eric comes sooner rather than later for them we may see a heavy dose of Saquon out of the Backfield Dalvin. Cook had an unbelievable game against for sure Atlanta Falcons who look just overmatched by Minnesota and if you take anything away away from that game kirk cousins only through ten times. I think that's very telling for how run heavy this team is going to be going forward so that's three and then if you get into the Alvin Kamara situation now he is he's weird because we may see him more just catching the ball out of the backfield which great for fantasy the owners who live in the points per reception world and just giving the ball a lot more to murray but what we saw from Josh Jacobs Monday night out out of the raiders up the middle smashmouth running and he he looked phenomenal. I mean that game that Broncos team and that broncos defense fence that's a pretty solid unit have really had no answers for him especially down the stretch is the raiders are trying to run the clock out on that game other guys week one leaders Derrick Henry. That's Derrick Henry so hit or miss that it's almost impossible to say that he could finish in the top five Carlos. Hyde won't be the leader in Houston there you go thank you for not argument. Carlos Hyde. I also think though that a guy who didn't get a lot of love because the team was so poor on on Sunday is Nick Chub. He's he was so dynamic last year once he finally got the chance to to be the number one option and Cleveland and I think you know after seeing what happened and with the game plan we may see a much a little bit more run based offense coming out of Cleveland in week two Monday night so okay. I see what you're saying and I I will say that we're seeing more than just a guy. Come out of nowhere. The continued evolution of Marlin Mac twelve games last year two hundred ninety five carries nine hundred and eight yards four point seven yards per carry nine hundred yards in twelve games awfully good but the biggest thing working against a lot of the guys you've talked about and and I'm not GonNa Count Josh Jacobs in this group because I think the raiders were playing weirdly over their head because they wanted to prove to everybody that they're more than just Antonio Brown. I think they're gonNA come back to Earth really hard and the next couple of weeks so Zeke has Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott who else you mention you didn't even mention Todd Gurley but then you know Cooper Cop Jared Goff in the passing game McCaffrey. I'll give you Chubb has has has. OBGYN Jarvis Landry Baker Marlin back doesn't have an equivalent to that. You know there's no other people to catch the football go to Kobe percent looked out right like okay but he's not he's not Andrew Luck. The Jacoby percent to t y Hilton is not going to be a combination that scares people over the course of the season. It's also not going to be a combination the you're going to be able to rely on to pick you up the first down. Merlin Max going to be the guy who gets the ball when when you need tough yards when you need a first I down when you need the drive to continue going to Marlin Mac. It's not going to be in the hands Jacoby percent. I think you're severely discounting the impact T. Y. Hilton can have have for this team. Yeah somebody throwing the ball sure in Jacoby presented a pretty good job of that over the weekend when he had two touchdowns and one hundred and nine hundred yards passing yeah. That's fine if you score touchdowns on your team stays in the ball game because of their defense and one of the coolest interceptions I've ever seen in my life. That's true shout out. Emily Cooker. I mean that was phenomenal and ripped my heart out fantasy wise with Keenan Allen being the guys we're supposed to be on the receiving end of that sack Hunan. He is never he's never been able to completely break out in the eyes of the national media. We I think it is weird 'cause he's. He's sneaky. One of the I don't know five to eight best receivers and football and has been for a while and yet when people rattle off lists of the best guys in the game he's never on. I think what hurts him as he does tend to miss time every year like a decent amount of time. It's usually not like he needed to sit this one out because he had a sore ankle. It's usually like he's GonNa miss the next three to four games and it seems to happen once a year for that guy and people discount but we when he's on the field. He is a top tier receiver without a doubt. Would it surprise you to hear that. Keenan Allen has played in his last thirty three. NFL Games without missing one that actually would surprise me sixteen in two thousand seventeen sixteen two thousand eighteen one for one in two thousand nineteen feel like one one more yeah well. What's what's skewing is the two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen seasons where he got hurt and then he came back and got hurt and missed the entire seasons. Yeah those are those are tough and I think that that's still sticks in people's minds but to basically two hundred catches for twenty five hundred yards plus over the last two years so he's good is my point and yeah. He's a he's a reason that Austin Heckler won't be in the company in the conversation sation for the top five rushing yards. Although I know had himself a nice little game for the chargers this weekend this is there's too many people who are. GonNa take opportunities away from guys on other teams and I don't think Hilton's going to be as much of that for the colts. I just wonder what the number you're going to look like for rushing leaders at the end of the season because I mean there's a lot of teams that have too many options I mean cacique led the league with what fourteen hundred yards last year nothing too crazy but I mean I think we're past the days of guys in up above fifteen hundred just because there is so many options in the league. Let's be let's be frank. It's a passing league now more than ever yes but lights it's also a very cyclical league and it's a league where once team's go too far in one direction and into gear up too much of a gear up to stop the pass and all of a sudden the run is your best option because these teams simply aren't built to stop the run at that point and you can play smash mouth football and dictate offense. It was interesting that only and I guess it's a a sign of where we are in the NFL two point but only nine nine players crossed the thousand yard marker last year rushing and one of them was Philip Lindsey so Chris Carson men this is it's a crazy crazy list. You know obviously nick was there and then he lost four yards on a carry in week seventeen game and got knocked under a thousand cream haunt missed just a bunch of games. Melvin Gordon Missed Games. MARLIN MAC missed game Sony Michelle Miss Games a hard on now at but this this is exactly the point. I'm making in in a league where people are turning away from the run. The colts have no option but to turn to it. Yeah it does have Jacoby. Kobe percent under center certainly makes you think that they're going to have to rely on that. Run more. I just I think as he gets more and more comfortable as that leader and not just like the temporary stopgap that he was two years ago when Andrew Luck missed an entire season like this is his job. He has job security with a contract like it. It's not auditioning potentially sign elsewhere like we believe in you. You're GonNa be our quarterback. I think we may see Frank Reich lean a little bit more on his arm and and seeing.

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