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We'll hear from Pat Shurmur first recapping talking about Ui Manning a Dow Jones Daniels are starter allow back them up and we're moving forward. Daniel Jones ready to play and we're going with them. We do everything we can to win football games and at this point we feel like he's the guy we want to move forward with. Daniel Jones is going to have the benefit of to start here fourteen games names of a guy that's done it. I mean this guy is what a giant exemplifies not only as a player but as a person and he's going to have the benefit of this guy's assistance as we go through it so my gut told me it was the right time but that narrative that you don't bring Eli back you know I. I think think that's just something for us all to talk about also said Eli is one Daniel Jones Ankle injury from being out there so I mean the ally's going nowhere right. He's there to mentor this kid and ally knows house. He's gotTa be ready and essentially said such yeah and so I now here's the new giants quarterback Daniel Jones excited for the opportunity. You never really know when when something like this is going to happen and my job is to be ready and to continue to improve and you don't know when something like this can happen I can't you can't control that. So you know I understand the responsibility understand the the challenge. You know I feel ready and you know certainly looking forward opportunity my God he's Eli Manning. I means the same person he sounds like him. The cadences the same the words of the same my God. He's no wonder they drafted him. He's the same person it seems like you never going to get the phone. Call in the middle of the night singing as Daniel Jones did it you know at a at a toll booth or at a club or you. You know you never going to get that phone call. He's he's GonNa. He's never gonNA show that emotion. He's going to be a more mobile version. Maybe the bigger arm than Eli Manning by the way many seventh all time in passing his lips F. Y. Okay I mean let's not let's let's wait tilly. Eli finally retires to have this conversation. Shall we or we'll see what happens by the end of this year saint per the same person it's amazing. He sounds. Can I hear that soundbite one more time honestly if I told you who is this Daniel Jones our ally manning. You'd have to think twice about excited for the opportunity. You never really know when something like this is going to happen. I and my job is to be ready and into continue to improve and you don't know when something like this can happen I can't I can't control that. So you know I understand the responsibility understand the the challenge feel ready and you know certain looking forward opportunity. It's amazing. It's it's unbelievable. Well good luck to him and Eli handed like a champ and of course an absolute champion of course all right so Ian rapoport saying that Jalen Ramsey unlike could've traded before tomorrow's Thursday night football Jalen Ramsey did talk about what has been going wrong down in Jackson. Oh want to answer every single question racing it's our guide about different situations and what came about lead to this point. I have bad negative to say at all about anybody in this building happens. It is what it is. Everybody for the most part knows were set. I want all my dogs Glam Ball. I want to wait a month Thursday austere here. I'm in a real space and I'm a piece. last guy came in here real positive. I'm still I'm still on me and my agent. We we are not the ones who leaked information Asian and I was very strict about that because I did not want it to get out and on. I didn't want to be a distraction. I don't want everybody asking my teammates all type of questions throughout the week so let let me be real clear about that. I was not the one me and my team. We will not the one that leaked information so if he didn't order the code red wine with San Diego touched Sunnis the Jaguars put it out there. Maybe I mean which is another reason. Why if that happened of course he wants to hell out of there yeah so he was talking yesterday? Dion Sanders tweeted out this morning. IF I'm Jaguars Management I don't allow Jalen Ramsey to play Thursday night because of the risk of injury that could dismiss a great trade and future picks he will be traded Hashtag truth breath make sense it does do you think Jalen Ramsey place tomorrow if they are planning on trading him and and the offers are getting in sound pretty good the either pull the trigger right then and there or you deactivate I mean why why would you send him out there. I don't know I mean look what happened to Trevor Siemian. I mean you know I I mean I I ca. I don't need to go through the the examples of how one snap could be. Somebody's last Dionne spot man when he said he will be traded. He must hear from Jalen. I mean there Florida state goats right there. I'm telling you seattle sounds like a perfect spot there if I'm the NFL Seattle but he's he just reeks reeks of Seattle Seahawk bringing the swagger to the Ba- I mean that's what they'd be missing in the secondary. They've missed. They've been missing for a couple. Yes yeah so we're GONNA get fourteen games of Mason Rudolph for the Pittsburgh steelers Tomlin talked about what he thinks. Ben Rothlisberger is GonNa do come back from injury. We released some statements. I think yesterday that really kind of outline Atlanta our collective sentiments as we sit here right now and and being released a statement as well he fully appears to come back from this injury and everything that we've heard we're we're comfortable that that is a strong possibility I think yeah and at least they'll find out what they have in Mason Rudolph and like I said the best way I've Said said it from this microphone and I'll repeat it again. The Best Way to evaluate a young quarterback is to protect him. Give him weapons and have a good defense so they've got good offensive line the weaponry we we need to see you know the way the way you know I was on the around the NFL pod yesterday in Chris Wesseling pointed out on we've made an excellent point that that ben likes receivers who get themselves open and it's kind of freelance lansing and that now how it'll be let's go receiver here throat. You need to be an spot and Mason Rudolph will find him and that it might actually be crisper with all of these new receivers I instead of getting used to just freelancing with Ben. It'll be a little bit more structured and we'll see what happens with Rudolph and makes they go and trade for Minka Fitzpatrick so that's what they think of Rudolf wait evaluate. You've got fourteen games and then if they APODACA Romo problem that's a high high class problem have one of those guys that helped Mason Rudolph it offset all those records at St James Washington one of the guys he's thrown into in Pittsburgh now and on top of it. You'll know he's doing well when in the middle of a a series in week twelve for the let's just say seven and four steelers coming off their bye in the middle of the third third quarter series that Mason Rudolph is six for seven Ben runs on the field in the middle of a placing. I'm ready. I'm ready. Look at me. you know like like Rodney Dangerfield in in caddyshack. Oh my on my own I think in all of us and then all of a sudden he's out there in the middle of the fairway some other. NFL Notes Ian said Cam Newton still in a walking boot today. He's not practicing as he battles. This re aggravation of his foot. Sprain foot is so he will know more about his status soon. If he can practice this week he might give it a shot on Sunday so stay tuned for that James Caan or not sure if he's going to practice today but competent he's he's GonNa play Sunday against San Francisco or good drew brees having surgery on his thumb to day no timetable for his return but as you mentioned not going on I r Doug Peterson Pietersen said both to Sean Jackson alshon Jeffery Day to day battling their injuries and after all season long Yankee fans waiting for Luis Severino and dellenbaugh Ellen Betances to get back on the mound saw yesterday Severino touched ninety eight and the Yankees shutout win over four innings over the angels and Betances chance got back on the mound and promptly tore his Achilles so they get their ace pitcher back who we assume with two weeks before the postseason oh season will be ready to start game. He went through four innings and look that way he should be able to do five six by the time October hits and then in terms of the back end of the bullpen and they will not be having dylan so there's that you wanNA play this. Mike Leach sound real quick. We have time we do not want to go after Charles. It's an incredible I know and just a real quick. the Yankees and the Astros have the same record in the American league dodgers one behind which is why why Major League Baseball has done the right thing home field advantage in the world series isn't on a rotational year like it was when we were kids American league one year Nagy in other or that Cockamamie all star game victory earns you the right to host as a league the first two games of a world series. It's now about best record in baseball so the dodgers Yankees and Astros despite already locking up their divisions essentially have some meaningful meaningful baseball games to play you think you think the dodgers WanNa go to the Bronx or Houston for game six and seven Nope okay right you think the Yankees want to go to Houston for a game six or seven or or vice versa Houston and New York nope no chases fun. I like it. Then of course there's is a wildcard races. Keep an eye on eight four four two zero four rich number to your phone calls and Mike Lynch on the Battle Royale of PAC twelve mascots right then I get that but before all that Charles Woodson my buddy and goat of not only the University of Michigan but also of Green Bay and Oakland he was a correspondent for the grind on epochs the new show. I'm hosting every single Wednesday night on epic's at nine eastern time he was in Miami for the Patriots. Dolphins game same chitchatted with Tom not only Tom Brady not only before the game but during it some really neat stuff that's going to be revealed tonight. We'll talk about that as well as what's going going on in the rest of the National Football League with Charles Woodson next on the rich.

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