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Performance line. Mike Golic, Trey wingo here with you. So we knew that we talking a lot about the Duke North Carolina game yesterday. We just didn't know in what way we'd be exactly. And we knew yesterday we probably be talking about some of the decisions the Steelers were making as GM Kevin Colbert was meeting with reporters to talk about Lebanon Belen Antonio Brown, but Mike much in the same way. We didn't know exactly how we'd be talking about Duke and North Carolina. We had no idea this conversation about the Steelers would be taking the turn. It took. Apparently. No, he did not. I mean, they've had an interesting year with some of the players talking and all of that and the latest very quickly. They're not putting the franchise tag on lady on bell. He will be a free agent. Meaning they can get a compensatory pick back when he signed somewhere else. And also, Kevin Colbert said they are not taking a discount if they trade Antonio Brown. Brown. They don't get the deal they want he's under contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Those were kind of expected things to say, but then he kept going about the quarterback on the team has leadership abilities. And we thought maybe a little far. Yeah. He he went along to say that Ben is basically the one adult in the locker room the other fifty two players are kids. He basically said I honestly believe talking about Ben being the only a Super Bowl person left on this team. I believe that that can be a burden on him more often than he may like to admit because he has to dot dot dot. He's got fifty two kids under him, quite honestly, which I understand the meaning of it. But I don't think the players on the team may take that one to. Well. Yeah. So let's bring in Ryan Clark here, our colleague, and obviously a former Pittsburgh Steeler. Ryan were you surprised by the words that Kevin Colbert chose to use to describe not only Ben but every other player in that locker room? Oh, not surprised because I think, you know. All three of us in many people with good sense. Understood kind of what point he was trying to drive home. I think he has to understand. And I understand that he's used the loan words because to the players to many of the people on the outside don't understand that. He was talking basically between the not only the age gap or experience gap between then in most of the other fifty two players on the roster. But also the success gap, right? The reaching the pinnacle of football gap that did has to he's been there. Three times where nobody else on the team has been to a Super Bowl or has won a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And I think that's what Kevin Cobra was trying to drive home. And also, I think he was trying to protect the one player who of the three players. We just mentioned that we know for sure they are going to have a bag on this team or they won't back on this team. So you had to. Back the quarterback who actually it'd be for. Now seems like he wants to be a Pittsburgh Steeler in the two thousand nineteen season. But I think Kevin will admit that. He misspoke that. He used the wrong words. But I think if you asked him about his ask him about his intent in his meaning he's still will say he was trying to back the leader of the team and say that he's earned the right to do certain things completely agree with you. But as we also know there are fifty two guys in locker room are gonna take away from the headline. Wait a minute. He called us what kids and and that's how they're going to receive it. So you're right. The intent was just the wrong were of a word. And you know, to you know, to go like what what starts to happen, right? Where you have a basically a uprising like you see now, you know, you see Levy are not play kind of forcing his way. It's a free agency. Tony Brown using social media to call out figureheads to call out the starting quarterback, call out. Hey coaches, and do these types of things it starts to develop an ownership versus labor mentality in an uprising since football has the biggest separation between the two between upstairs in Donald stairs. I believe of the four major sports. But when you start to see these things now players are going to be listening for those little key words for those little things, they could take them all and also make them part of the players going against administration. So it'd be interesting to see how this thing continues to play out. It's going to be really interesting. We're talking to Ryan Clark thirteen seasons. NFL Super Bowl champ with the Steelers. I so been in that locker room. He was one of those kids with Ben. Yeah. That's exactly right. So they have one either. I guess I guess the thought is with this whole season Ryan where from the old line. Speaking up early about lady on belt. The lady I'm bell situation to Antonio Bryant Facebook Facebook and live to where all that's gone to Ben talking in the locker room being openly critical and telling us every injury has where does the responsibility of the head coach and Mike Tomlin fall in all of this. I think a lot of the falls on Mike. You don't have spoken about this before. I am not only a fan. I'm a friend might tease my guy. But I know he can admit that he mishandled some of this. The one thing that happened. What's coach Tomlin from first year? Second year was changed the way he dealt with us. He came in the first year, you know, how it is. We get a new coach he was gonna rule with the iron chefs even coach Kaur was a players coach. We will go to practice hard. This is before the rules went in about padded practices. And so we went all this stuff. We just date toward the end of the season. And he kind of figured out that treated, which was a very veteran. Team been treated us like men, if you'd allowed us to if you allow us to go about our jobs in the way, that adults should and professional should that owned the backyard, we will be loyal and we will produce on game day. And so what you saw from Mike was him allow people to be individuals and myself included, you know, I was able to say things through the media. I was able to do TV wildlife played because he wanted me to not only be a player, but be a person that could make my own decisions. And I think it worked well with those veterans with the toilet Paula models with James ferry is now you get this younger generation who becomes entitled. Because not only are they hearing about how great they are through the media. But there's a thousand fans who tweet them every day to to back them unknowingly. Right. So back them unconditionally. And so you start to feel like you're right. And I think what has happened is close time and has allowed this teams also be individuals, and it's backfired in his face as. They haven't be the best decision. What they say publicly or how they treated him in showing that loyalty bag for allowing them should be treated like professionals. So Ryan Clark is with us here. And one of the things that was also interesting from the Kevin Colbert conversation is he tried to create a little more trade value for the team by saying we're not just going to give Antonio Brown away. Even though Antonio tweeted a picture of him with art ruining the second thing. We've agreed to part ways. Do you think there's a way to salvage this? And somehow, someway that Antonio will find a way to stay in Pittsburgh. I do. I mean, I think there's a way to salvage it because it's on your brow enjoys money, right? As you can see he wanted big, Jack. We all do. But you know, he says if he goes to another team he wants guarantees, right? So that's one thing that Ed Tonio Brown's trade peace. Now, you have to find the team who thinks that he will be good for their locker room a team Lenore some of the locker room distractions. You may have because he's an extreme elite talent, then you have to convince your team that not only were the last six years who the real Antonio Brown is. But that's the same guy. He'll be going forward. And so it's a lot that goes into play into getting what you want for Tonio Brown. And when I look back at the Amari Cooper trade. I just feel like they gotta at least say, oh my goodness. We've got to get a first rounder teams be willing to do that for the Tonio Brown package now. Ronald player. Right, actually. And so then it comes to. Hey. All right. If nobody wants to give that we're it at somebody else. Does it told you pull the levian Bill? Let's say, you know, what I don't want the money. I'm going to stay at home. I don't think he does. And so I think in that situation it because algebra because what's been going on with him in the head coach that's been going on for years. But on Sundays Thursdays occasional Saturday and Monday with those two guys play. There's been no connection like them in the lead over the last half decade. And so if he has to be on the team, I think there's ways bacon by Eddie successful offensively Ryan real quick here. And I don't know if it's apples to apples. You can you can let me know when anonymous people in the eagles locker room criticized Carson Wentz for how they felt he was a bunch of teammates. Have Carson Wentz came publicly to his defense in this situation? There has been no current teammates that have come to the defense of Ben Rothlisberger. When Antonio Brown kind of took off on him publicly that surprise you. No it didn't. Okay. Say go on. Yeah. I've been very public. No, I'm a huge fan of bit been earns some currency with me that not many people can't so. And I've said this many times about him though. Leading is not natural forbid been wasn't a natural leader in ways that we think of quarterbacks of teams, right? You know, you see quarterbacks teams, and you think okay? This is the guy is going to lead by showing us how to work. This is a guy that's going to protect and take care of players publicly, and privately he's gonna do those things because that's what natural leaders do. That's not bad. So he's been trying to learn how to lead on the run. And you know, there's missteps from guys who we think were born to do certain things, you know, we've seen some Brady have missteps Peyton Manning. But those missed having been as plentiful as been and so these guys know that some of these guys have been thrown under the bus during his weekly show. Some of these guys have been talked to in the building and in meetings about anthem protests in ways that. Quarterbacks or just people in general shouldn't talk to other people without getting punched in the face. Like those things. And so to say that I'm not that. I'm surprised that nobody came through deceits. I'm not and also if you look at what Antonio said, it wasn't one of those things that we didn't know train. You heard him go people under the bus. You heard him have criticized teammates in a way that players. Don't normally get to do that. We hear from me saying, hey coaches, and so what he said was it so far off the beaten path that we thought it needed dissents. Listen, Ryan that was awesome. We appreciate it. I'd love to continue this. But we were up against the clock. We gotta run, but thanks for joining us this morning..

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