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And I'm trying to figure out how to get your head around and how to react because as no it's just it's just confusing full stop, you know, this. This is Bev out. Ability over the company things in cutting stranger. And and I'm this another less confusing. But just you know, how important is to kind of will look Amazon and have have like five minutes like fun enjoying and I'm escapism. And so still is calling about about escapism about Ross how you know, there's a point to which is healthy them. As was like, there's a line that you can cost quite easily. It's the kind of. Places. It nodes not known that he's British does it's attendance. But. Recco. But when I say, okay, but I mean, like class was like grace on edges tradition of like, you know, probably drinking too much, stay, right? Like, it's like, it's like pugs and house parties and raves. It's like it's not like champagne pumping as we'd like guy people. People and stuff because I nobody like a life. I'm not like how we how we personally do things. So limited to civil kind of woman fuzzy in the with like nighttime record. So just kind of or Jonathan I I'm in type two can be tough upstate in the way you Jason's upset. Yeah. It felt on a sitting on this something about the like, it's sounds quite dramatic. Dan. Thank you so much for your time. We really appreciate it. Congratulations on your massive year. And we're really looking forward to hearing all the new music next year. Vice oh, sorry that you have to listen to me. So I just right. No. Thank you. Thank you so much. It was so great talking with you. And and have a great show tonight at Barclay center. Thank you, take that. All right. You tell..

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