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It makes sense for every hour show like real world. So I don't know. Let's see. I'm sure none of us will end up watching this. I'm, I'm actually curious. I actually almost like wanna see the first episode, but let's move onto Annabel three. Patrick Wilson in verify mega are coming back to play the Warren's in the spin off sequel then what do we know? Yes, Wilson for me, go play Ed and Lorraine Warren in the conjuring universe movies and basically they've, they've been largely confined to the conjuring in the country to at this point, but they've skipped out on the Annabelle franchise and the none. But that is about to change because new report yesterday said that those two are going to be reprising the roles again in the upcoming Annabel three. So we know that that movie. Basically follows the titular possessed doll, and it's going to be in the warrants artifacts room, which we've seen the conjuring movies it's supposed to be sort of a safe place where the character the demonic doll is not going to be able to wreak havoc. But of course she does. She awakens the rooms evil and begins to target the Warren's ten year old daughter. And in addition to that, there's a babysitter character. There's the daughters cousin is also in the movie. And so it sounds like Wilson for me got going to be playing supporting roles in this movie, so they're not going to be the full on leads of it, but they are going to have a presence in an Annabel movie for the first time really are a significant presence anyway. Now, I've only seen the original conjuring film. I have not watched any of the spinoffs and not watched the sequel Chris, I know that you have watched all of them, right? I have not seen the non yet, but I've seen all the others after going to the one brothers horror made here, holiness, then. In experiencing the conjuring universe house Mays. I'm actually interesting in jumping back in like experiencing this whole franchise, are any of the spin offs and sequels worth watching. I like the conjuring to a lot, and oddly enough, the the Annabelle sequel Annabel whatever's call and creation is actually better than the first Annabel movie, which is kind of bad. So. There is that whenever you wanna make, but I skip the first Annabel, will they understand that you could skip the second one is technically a prequel so you can skip it. And I don't know if they're fun. They're fun movies, and my favorite part of the conjuring universe is Patrick Wilson VERA for Asia's characters. So I'm actually more excited now for this this film because I know they're in it. Yeah, I, I love them in the original and I I know excited to see the NFL movie men when what's the bad reviews it. I'd just like kind of lost interest in their franchise, but now with hall wings season upon us, I might. They have to make the girlfriend catcher who has never seen country dive into this universe, so, but let's let's move onto our last story and that is for potential. They win sequel, Chris, would we know? I'm yes. So John carpenter has been forced to stop playing video games for a few weeks as he promotes the new Halloween movie, which you know he's He's the the executive executive producer. producer and he did the score for. So he's out there doing interviews for an end. As is the case. Whenever John carpenter does an interview. People ask him about potential remakes and sequels of his classic films, and someone asked about Vail live and during an interview, he not so subtly hinted that a they live sequel could be quote closer to reality than you think unquote. And he also said, we'll just have to see. So, you know, this is very fake. He could be, you know, having a having a laugh, but it's worth noting that a few weeks ago, he also teased pretty much in the same manner, a prince of darkness TV series. And in this same new interview that was brought up and he confirmed that that really is in development. It's just not a final yet. So it seems like if he was being honest about the prince of darkness TVs. He's probably being honest about this potential vailab sequel..

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