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Like. It's just it's it's so nice to be able to positively contribute to our world it it just is and again that makes me sound. Super Nerdy and I am honored by. Just it's lovely to be able to just get back. Do you still run. I do. I actually took around ready for. We had this call. Yeah right why? Do you need to run when you're outside you're building your farming or or is that more for your for your mental? Health is my mental. Hi. It's it's my former meditation and also I have a a really hard time focusing and it. It is always kind of been that way but after having children. It amplifies my. Add so to speak where I'm constantly and thinking about the next thing and so when I first started trying to meditates it was near impossible And I find that when I run all I focus on breathing and my step and it it. It acts as a form of meditation for me And it's also as terrible as it sounds just a operate for me It's it's a I don't have to worry about the kids or the gardens or the animals or any of that. It's just me running with my dog and I love it. Why did you name your stove? Cordelia as it was actually a brand name really like an old. It was Cordella okay but when we first got it. That's when I thought it side so I said Cordelia my husband thought it was hilarious and she became Cordelia but like so. That was one of the things one of our adventures when we first moved out here. My husband's opportunity leads. We weren't going to have an oven a stove and we are eventually gutting our kitchen and redoing it so we didn't want to spend money on a new one and actually when we first moved into the place I fought. The kitchen was going to be one of the first things we needed to renovate. Now it's actually at the bottom of the list so we we picked that good old. Cordelia.

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