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Out well abroad cutback he would have got his trade wish a lot sooner and by a lot sooner i mean like twenty fourteen hey guys did you ever imagine that in the season of free agency that the single most controversial signing would be one for a guy who got paid all of five point three million dollars to play and who is coming off into a chair but that is what happened when demarcus cousins signed to play with the golden say wars somehow some way this was the signing that made everybody say that the world was unfair now the argument i guess behind this is basically just the idea that demarcus cousins is an all star team ardy has four all stars now they're going to have five all stars the average guy they added a guy whoever's other light twenty seven points and ten rebounds a game and he is an incredibly skilled player he really really is but dude he's coming off and a killys chair that is the single most debilitating injury a basketball player can suffer the list of guys who've come back like looking like they're former selves after an achilles injury is short dominique wilkins is at the top of that list after you get past domininique you're talking about what like rudy gay last year and rudy gay average the same points per minute last year as he had the season before the problem was though he played a much smaller workload like fewer fewer minutes wesley matthews is a guy that people try to point to do as bay but wes matthews that his best ever sixteen and a half points game arab is twelve point seven points game last year and his shooting percentage as plummeted since he had that achilles injury like it's bad news we're talking about a two hundred seventy two hundred eighty pound dude and you want him to play for the warriors going up and down the floor playing in a style there really isn't necessarily that conducive to his game and you'd think that this is the one that's going to break up the yo correct me if i'm wrong we can't even look at him to be ready to play until february right sounds garrett i was shut after i came back on the grid to see the way that people were responding to this deal in y business the one that really through they just just made everybody so mad number one the warriors aren't going to be able to keep them for long effect the warriors are only going to be able to have them next season because they don't have his bird rights if they don't have bird rights that means is there over the cap the only the bacon only pay him one hundred twenty percent of his twenty eighteen twenty nineteen salary in order to keep that means that they would really only able to pay him about six and a half million dollars the next year and demarcus cousins ain't doing that again right if he plays well enough he's going to have somebody that's willing to take them all number two guys okay you know i tend to stick ofa players and stuff because i mean i think by laws get bad raffin people my business and everything else and i get really apprehensive when people start like saying things about guys but not really giving very particular examples of what they're talking about anytime i told somebody about demarcus cousins and i was a bit of a defender of demarcus cousins on a lot of things at ask you know we'll is it as bad as people say and the reaction that i got pretty much universally was it's worse like he's not an easy dude to deal with a lot of what happened in sacramento was not his fault but he's not the easiest dude in the world to deal with can you imagine trying to deal with the markets cousins under the pressure that he's going to be under next year to try to get back any money that he might have passed up he's saying that he didn't have any offers people saying that there were offers that were there may have been available and maybe weren't like up to the level that he wanted or whatever it is but i mean the stakes are high for him at this point financially so you wanna put him on that team with everything that.

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