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Informative booklet and dvd hey dr liederman we're back we're back and we're happy to be with you i wanna talk about a man he sent me a photograph he's out on a fishing boat in long island this is a man who is a big financial man in new york city he's a man who's a friend of one of the biggest doctors in new york city and about eight years ago the stock came to me and he said his friend has melanoma skin cancer what are the most vicious skin cancers started on the face he was cut off the face and then shortly thereafter he was getting surgery for a hernia and he did a chest x they've found a a big mass in his chest doctors at one of the super pooper big hospitals then went into his chest and tried to buy ups yet they found melanoma has a mass like a baseball in his chest it was not something that the surgeons even at the super pooper big place wanted to remove or could remove safely and he started this long saga you won't believe at of eight years of came off therapy and for eight years he had chemotherapy doctors kept on telling him he was okay he was okay and it was one of the supervisors pooper places in town and they kept having him on the back and it's okay but they never showed them the documents they never showed him the actual reports they never showed him that for eight years his cancer in his chest was growing and you can say well why would they keep on given chemo chemo came okay more chemo chemo chemo for eight years when it just kept growing it doesn't to me make sense i don't think it would make sense to you either why would you you give a treatment for eight years it doesn't work i mean maybe these chemo's mosey average came on our costs about ten fifteen thousand dollars a month exclamation point so why would they keep on giving chemo's so long when they don't work or maybe it's great for the hospital or a great for the doctor but we're here for the patient where doctors because we're here to make people.

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