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Savings to get by. I'm Tanzania Vega. And that's next time on the takeaway from WNYC NPR. I we'll bring you the takeaway program from noon till one o'clock today here. This is forum. I'm Michael Krasny. And we're coming to you live from KiKi Dee in San Francisco, we're talking about President Trump's Oval Office address and the situation the ongoing situation at the border, which he called a security crisis. We talked earlier with Salvador Rizzo of the Washington Post, and we also spoke with our own Russo logos. And now we have Ron Elving with us from NPR news and Julie small here in studio k Kuwaitis criminal Justice and immigration team. And I was just saying Julia fair that the president talked in his speech last night about well, the humanitarian crisis, but also spoke about how he saw suffering and he held people's hands and trying to present himself as president of empathy and humanity. And I'm wondering the picture that he gave us was carrying president. And there was a picture of kind of suffering that he was tuned to in some ways, or at least trying to present himself as being attuned to what was your reaction to that? Julie as a reporter. Well, I. I guess I I feel that does those murders were in incredibly violent and brutal and horrible. And we can't just dismiss them outright. You know that that because it's only a handful of people really elevated the suffering of a few people to does national spotlight. But the logic of it doesn't make sense to me, you know, that that if you had kept all these immigrants out this would never have happened. We don't know also like what good immigrants might do. Maybe they save people. Maybe they prevent crimes we it's sort of the logic of it doesn't make sense. But I did think it was powerful to the audience that he was speaking to when he talked about, you know, just building a wall around your house doesn't mean you hate the people on the outside. It means you love the people on the inside. And I think, you know, a lot of us could probably relate to that. But he doesn't hit his actions starting belie that because I feel that his actions to the people on the outside has. I've been very hostile and the empathy that he provided to these families who suffered these brutal murders of their loved ones e did not extend to the immigrants who are coming here because they've been brutalized and they've seen people murdering their countries run. I wanna get your reaction to some of this. But can I go to something else with you? I am also interested before we go to our calls and emails in hearing from you on some really big news. Rod Rosenstein, has essentially tendered what looks like a resignation in a few weeks. And I don't know how that's going to go over in terms of the ongoing Muller investigation. But now you've got Paul Manafort essentially, having Paul data shared poll. Data has come out and all the molar desiccation. Some of this is redacted, of course. But it's come out that tighter Russian intelligence during the campaign, and that speaks of collusion. We have been wondering for many months, just what Robert Muller might be finding out about the relationships between elements of the Trump campaign in two thousand sixteen and elements of ladder, Putin's inner circle, and we have known for some time that Paul Manafort had done work for people who are close to bladder Putin who were part of the Ukrainian government and some of the back and forth between the utan Ukrainian government and Moscow during the years when Putin had a puppet running Ukraine for him, and that man employed, Paul Manafort, so we know that their relationship is here. We know there were some rather large debts that were incurred by Paul Manafort. We know that he had business relationships with the number of people, including a one by the name of Dera Pashko, who's very close to Putin, and it now eventuates drum apparently they winning. Ryan sorry to interrupt news. Closer with Constantine Clem. Nick wasn't. He that was well, that's the person that is the person who seems to have been the go-between right in the case of what we're talking about right now. And that is some polling data from the two thousand sixteen Trump all of the Trump campaign rather in two thousand sixteen this is not a public poll. This is not something you could have found in the newspapers or online. This is inside Trump material inside information from the Trump campaign that was being shared back and forth with a Russian Constantin. Kalinic who has these connections? Who has these ties to the kinds of people that we have been finding a murky and finding suspicious with respect to what their interest in Mr. Trump's election might be. And we know that the Putin regime was using a variety of techniques to boost Trump's prospects. So this looks like collusion now all we know for this moment is that the molar investigators were putting this forward to a judge. We know that they're prosecutors. We're planning to talk about this. And so now, we know a little bit more of what did not come out because that last trial for Paul Manafort was obviated when he pled guilty. This brings some to the four of the material that we were thinking we might see back in September. But as I say got obscured because that trial never went forward. This looks more like evidence of collusion, then perhaps anything we have seen thus far as we say, not finally proven only part of the prosecution teams case. And if so it is a big game changer and a big eyebrow raiser and could have something to do with some of the other strategic thinking going on in the White House right now. And then he thoughts about the most Stein the resignation pretending to late of William bar who has made some statements that seem to put him at odds with an ongoing belief or credibility the molar investigation. As I understand it. He is planning to stay until bar is confirmed and in place. Of possibly taking part in some transition. But he has said from the beginning of the Trump administration. He expected to serve for about two more years. Sounds like it might be that almost to the day depending on how long it takes to get far confirmed that may last into February. But it appears that it will be on about that to your timetable that he had said a couple of years ago. It doesn't look like a firing. There is no clear sign that he is being forced out. And yet, of course, it just completes the picture of a takeover of the Justice department by people who are not in any sense beholden to preserving. And continuing the Mueller investigation that could also have something to do with what appears to be an acceleration of the Muller investigations reporting charging and carrying through of its mandate. Let's hear what's on the minds of our listeners and or on their hearts. Let me go first to you. Neil, you're on good morning. Yeah. If you could talk to guests could talk a little bit about the definition and the use from the president and his opposition on illegal immigrants. I could be wrong. But it seems that Trump is intentionally putting in that category. All the categories groups of asylum-seekers that he wishes weren't asylum seekers like victims of domestic violence people who enter the country and seek asylum. Once they're in the country rather than the port of entry all of these moves that he is challenging, but they haven't been successful yet. And it seems that the left and the right of the president and his opposition are talking past each other on the numbers of illegal immigrants, and that nuance doesn't seem to get fleshed out in the media much. I could be wrong. But if your guests could talk about that, and maybe the numbers of immigrants that fall into those categories, you could be right to Julia. When I was in that spot on. I mean, this has been happening. A lot that lumped in with people who have some sort of criminal background who are seeking entry are all the people who came to ports of entry who were turned away. And then may have crossed between ports of entry because they were turned away at the legal port of entry. People are being prosecuted for entering to seek asylum very questionable that that. They actually broke the law that they have a right to seek asylum even between ports of entry. That's coming up in the courts, we're going to see some legal stuff over that. But yeah, I think it's it gets all lumped together. And you have to be very careful when reading press releases from border patrol from the administration about who they're arresting. And and who these criminal aliens are because now criminal alien as anyone who entered without papers. Well, the numbers are indeed mashed together in many ways, that's really quite disturbing. But also what about the numbers Ron Elving get back to what I think of as a temp by the president essentially to sell the American people on this. You said indeed, he's probably talking more to the base and talking more perhaps the members of the Republican party and those on the right in the world of journalism or alleged journalism. But I'm wondering also about the fact that. Most every poll seems to show that the president's idea of Wallis simply not supported out there in Peoria or wherever. It seems actually a bit surprising that with all the emphasis that's been put on this by the president. And with all of the border security talk that we have had all the way back really to nine eleven and the turnaround in our attitude towards immigration, particularly the turnaround in the Republican party's attitude towards immigration back in the nineteen eighties, and the Republican party was supportive. Ronald Reagan was highly supportive of immigration and Ronald Reagan, even used the word amnesty and signing the nineteen Eighty-six immigration reform act. So there has been a big change in the last fifteen twenty years in the language has changed a great deal, and given all of that one would expect that there would be stronger even support among Donald Trump's base, and among Republicans more generally a four this concept of the wall. But it does not seem to have really caught the public imagination in the same way that other aspects of the Trump program have it does not seem to have been. Adequately sold. And so the president perhaps falling back on some of his background in the real estate world seems to be ratcheting up constantly his his characterization of what the issue or the problem or the crisis in his wind ridge actually is and whether or not it would justify a something as extreme as building a wall or something as extreme as closing the border or declaring a national emergency all things he is apparently considering his options. More of your calls. We go next to you. Mark you're on the air. Good morning. Hey, thanks. Let's keep in mind. There's a six hundred mile existing wall that was built beginning in nineteen ninety four with Clinton all the way up through Obama that the Democrats eighty percent of the congress supported and this is clearly political theater and Apocrypha on the part of the Democrats to try to pretend that this is something new that they don't support and anyone who thinks that thirty thousand apprehensions a month is not a security crisis has to be kidding themselves response from you run Elving..

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