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For our friends in the Commonwealth or the common Poor of Kentucky. E was talking about the different bills being introduced that they're meeting today. They could be voting on these today. The original intent an idea. Was to limit some of the tyrannical powers that the boy dictator governor Andy Bashir had exercised over the past year. My friend Mike Davis, text me and says Senate Bill One revision on Lee Limits the time Bashir has to destroy our lives, but zero changing his authority. Yeah, that's all limited to 30 days. In the language. But his powers are enormous. Under this legislation, I thought Thought we way had reason to hold out Hope. That the mostly Republican legislature and forget about parties, obviously because there's no difference between them anymore. That's why the pushback against President Trump was so strong. Because he wasn't really a Republican. He was a populist who Cared and talk to us, the actual citizens the people that they're supposed to work for, including the president, but anyway But Mike goes on, it says I suggest you personally contact Adrian Southworth or Brother Lee watch. They seem to be the most knowledgeable as written. It is a worthless disaster, As I have stated So you know, Ken, Ken? Good morning. How are you? Excellent in yourself, okay? You know, I did you email. Did you email me about the balance of power in the Senate? Yeah. Okay. I think I got that. I wanted to talk about that. So go ahead. Okay. So after the Georgia fiasco, the makeup of the Senate now was 50 Republicans. 48 Democrats and two independent Now Bernie Sanders is one of those two correct. Probably they didn't listen. Maybe just said two independent right, but they caucus with the Democrats. Right, but They're saying that humors automatically the winner, But when you look at the way The rules of red for the Senate. Which ever party has the majority of members. Is the Senate leader, so that would still be the Republicans. Right because you have 50 Republicans, 48 Democrats and two independents. So therefore, uh, the Republicans should still be leaving in the Senate. So is Mitch McConnell. Just too much of a wimp to even fight for his position. Uh, I mean, what? I don't understand what's going. Maybe I'm missing something here. Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell obviously has proved himself. Do not be cannot be trustworthy. As far as upholding the Constitution. He doesn't care. Whether whether he's the majority leader, the minority leader, He still wields incredible power and has all of the perks to go along with it. Yeah. WeII get screwed. Yeah, again. Thank you. So alright, Ken? Yeah. If anybody can illuminate Ken or me on the subject. Technically, there are 50 Republicans 48 Democrats to independence. Whomever has a majority is the majority party? I mean, obviously do the math. John and Westwood. Good morning. You're on 700 wlw. Great to talk to you again. Gary. Jeff, I hope you have a nice holiday season. I had a great holiday season. Well, this is the best time to talk about a way for the people. Get back control of our government is called the Convention of States and I know we've talked about it in the past, and I just wanted to give you an update. All right? We're up to 15 states and how many Orhan 34 States are needed to call the convention. And then if 38 states agreed, and it becomes ah constitutional amendment, it's two thirds and 3/4 I'm learning what Congress has to do. But with the convention of States we totally bypass Congress. We don't need their blessing. And we can pass. There's three. There's three items that were pushing for the convention of States. Okay. Tom limits for federal officials. Fiscal responsibility and curtailing the power and scope of the federal government. I'm in favor of all three of those things. Yes, and I think this is the greatest time for people to become aware of it. Go to convention of ST dot com. Read it. It's very simple. If you agree with it signed a petition and hopefully Ohio will become the 16th state this year. All right. Thank you very much. All right. And one more quick Call here before the break. Mike and Aniston. Good morning. How are you? Hey. Good morning. Um, I just have a quick question about Trump challenging, you know the voter fraud and all this other stuff, I real quick and you can answer after the break or anything like that. If if you did a mailing about the post mark would be on the envelope. It came through. Correct. Yes. Okay, So when they pull those out, do they keep the ballot? Do they keep the envelopes? Meaning? If you follow your taxes late. You get, you know you can get penalized regardless of whether you voted for Trump or Biden doesn't matter. Um, if you failed to have that postmark on the envelope Uh, prior to, you know the date. It was supposed to be on there, right? That that's no in void. Well, there were a couple of states that illegally because they bypassed their own legislatures said they wave the The time that it had to be in. They literally waived the postmark rule. Pennsylvania was one of them. So now Tom Davis diaries coming up in just a few minutes, and we proceed on a Saturday morning together. 700 wlw famous, the kind of famous and.

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