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While tip pass was the case during tuesday's practice in somebody said that they just took red worn out of practice after the interception do so they can get things done so a just. That's how good a player he is. But the chargers they haven't seen The forty niners offense for two straight weeks that or going on three straight weeks now and the same for a tray lance up. I think we will if we see growth if we see you know. It started to even out as quarterbacks than maybe we'll see more first team reps for trae lands but he has to be yes by well during his join practices and they in es to play well during the second quarter. Which is what i believe. He'll get on the game son. I think it's gonna go jimmy the first quarter and then it'll go. Try the second quarter anything. Nate sub-field gets the last half. Maybe landscapes another series into third quarter. But that's probably how it's gonna go the bigger thing. I think this week in the game are the joint practices. Because that's when cao shanahan and brandon staley can set up situations for the chargers in the forty niners that you can't necessarily replicate in a game whether that's two minute orion zone certain things or you know because they control the practice environment so you could put your players in whatever situation you want. I think the big thing to watch for this week is how much time does trae lance get with the first team offense and we know that the skilled players rotate but the big thing is the offensive line..

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