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Be getting his advice from if you say he's not getting good advice from his own staff within the white house where should he be looking won't be fate user out there of how to protect workers were hurt by trade and the house ways and means committee has offered ideas speaker ryan over the years has offered ideas economists from all over the country and he may well be hearing it from his own staff but the actions of tariffs sort of belive at what are the longterm implications of these towns since they do go through if they do carveout out exceptions for canada and mexico that well i would see it's a two pond the answer the hopeful prong in the one i believe right now would be not much i mean there's not a huge amount of farm it's unfortunate because there will be harmon people are going to be affected the other prong though is if things do escalate into a broader trade war that's a problem a big problem glenn hubbard is the dean of columbia business school and he served as the chairman of the council of economic advisers under the administration of president george w bush mr hubbard thank you so much for your time this morning you're listening to npr news here's the very forecast today from the national weather service mostly cloudy today slight chance of showers in the morning eyes in the '60s to near 70 the got a bit of wet weather a overnight especially in the north by southern sacramento valley today mostly cloudy a chance of showers in the morning hours eyes around 65 unsettled weather pattern forecaster persist into next week according to the forecasters with the weather service they say a series of storm systems may bring periods of rain to the region interspersed they say with short dry periods rainfall through the weekend expected to be mostly light with temperatures odd the mild side we have a commute update for you on the way next with ted anthony and then if worse morning edition we'll continue in a few minutes from now now though it's npr news the headlines at four forty two on kqed public radio from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly a bill adding more restrictions.

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