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Of a point and the sp 500 added one there is word that turnout numbers and venezuela's election for an allpowerful constituent assembly were manipulated a company that help with that country's voting technology says official estimates that eight million people participated in the vote are off by at least a million the head of the country's oppositioncontrolled national assembly said that the legislature will call for an investigation the national assembly is changing its agenda so that the main point of discussion becomes this fraud what has happened in venice will is not only a fraud it was a crime that starts at the top of the electoral system who read a report knowing that the results they were reading were absolutely fraudulent the freshly alike the constituent assembly is expected to hand embattled president nicolas maduro sweeping new powers president trump's claims about a pair of phone calls are coming under question mexico's government says the president and rikke pinon yet how did not phone mr trump to complement his immigration policies as the president said on on monday and the boy scouts denied that its leaders called mr trump to praise his recent speech before the group in fact the chief scout executive apologize for the political rhetoric in the president's remarks and britain's prince philip stepped away from public life today the ninety six year old who has done more twenty two thousand public engagements since his marriage to the queen made what officials are calling his last so low public appearance greeting royal marines at buckingham palace but the uk hasn't seen the last of the duke of edinburgh he will still accompany queen elizabeth from time to time still to come on the news our a breakthrough in human gene editing these scientific and ethical implications the tug of war between congress and the white house efforts to stop super bugs in their tracks and much more.

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