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Rolling in the deep 143 My fam. It's Valentine the morning place of Adele last night on the piano at the house. We have Ah, On baby grands, and my house is playing with Dell. We're baby sitting so much piano. Um so we don't really have one. But they have this. Ah, baby grand. They dropped off with house yesterday's to piano movers came in and we're going to baby sit this person's piano so fun there, I guess looking for a new house or something. I don't know the details about it. My wife's deal. Sounds shady. Beautiful, though. And what Leilani posted a beautiful piano was practices the middle last night and everything. I think I might be. Ah. I might be going on tour. I don't know. Four measures in and it sounds good. Great. So watch out for that. Right, Gill. So you got this d m? Yes. And she wants to remain anonymous. But you said I need your help. And there are not many people I can talk to about this my personal life. My ex has an intimate photo of me and I really want it back. I want it deleted everywhere. We broke up last month, and it was not on good terms. What can I do? What could I possibly say? If I do reach out Thank you. Love you guys. Now I've never sent a photo like this. And I just think like if you were to send something like this when these pictures were sent, and you're in a relationship, you trust that person. You might even think that you're going to be with this person for the rest of your life. So what would they ever do with this photo? But then what's so sad is when you break up with somebody. And it's not on good terms. All that love all that trust is gone. And you, Khun See, you know this person if you did end on bad terms Hopefully not, But maybe if you were to reach out And say like, if you would you please delete this or whatever you want to say to that person. If they're really horrible guy, they might use this against you somehow or use it in a way, you know, to hold something over you so unfortunately I don't know exactly what you could say to this person. But I would hope you would be able to reach out to him and say like, Hey, I sent to see what a time when we were On the same page. There was a lot of love between us. Could you please delete it? Could we please get rid of these photos and just move on? That's what I would do. I would reach out to the person and plead or ask them. To delete it. In the nicest way possible. You scared the heck out of this girl. Why I haven't even sent any photos. I'm scared now, because you know, well, yeah, That's the thing. And what you're saying is very truthful, very honest. And I guess You know you had me scared in the middle towards the end. I can see some light shining through the cracks here, and I think you do have to be honest and you said some really intelligent there. And I didn't want it to be just something that was gone and left to decide. You spoke of a love that we had in the relationship, and I think to honor the love that you had in that relationship at that time, then it's appropriate, respectful to ask for the photos back. And you know, you say, Listen, I don't believe there's gonna be any problems of these photos. Real idea is just to honor the love that we had in a relationship. At that time, I would feel be appropriate to return those photos. That might be the best or destroy the photos. I mean, obviously, they're jpeg stuff like that. Just And then you have to just believe the person leading them. There's nothing else you could do at that point, and you can't worry the rest of your life about because there's nothing you can do. It's now out of your control, and that's so hard because I feel so so badly for this woman that wrote in because I can only imagine the anxiety and the threat Going on right now, wondering like, what is he going to do with this fellow? She's fretting right now. She is fretting. You are writing anxiety in the front. This is came in. I did a photo shoot much like Jill's mom. The boudoir photos as she has above her bed. I had an album of it for me. Just looking great at 50. My boyfriend took it. What if we break up I've been trying to look for can find Teresa so they're still together. And she's trying to get it back from the.

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