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It includes the first loss of the season and my first toss after a member reference. F 17 defeat at the hands of the Atlanta Braves, opening day jitters, Dave Martinez. I am a little bit nervous. I was nervous. I mean, you know, it's part of it. So we get the bugs out of the way. Like I said, and we come back Saturday and play baseball. Jitters and the sun, it was partially to blame for three errors all on CJ Abrams. Patrick Corbett, 2022 struggles, apparently carrying over into what was a three plus eating start today. The Orioles clobbered Corey Kluber and held off a late rally by the Red Sox, they would win ten to 9 in Boston. Adley rushman perfect at the plate 5 for 5, four RBI, including a home run in his first at bat and for swing actually of the season. George Mason hired Tony skin is their new head men's basketball coach. He was the point guard on the Patriots 2006 final four team and was most recently an assistant at Maryland, the capitals lost last night to the islanders makes it that much more imperative to win in Tampa Bay tonight. However, the capitals are two 6 and one in the second game of a back to back this season. Rob, woodwork, WTO sports. All righty, thank you, rob. Keep it here on WTO. The big news of the day out of Manhattan, a grand jury indicts former president Donald Trump details ahead with CBS 5 56. There are great attorneys and law firms around the beltway, but explains Andrew Sachs, CEO of mallow private investment firm, it's rare to find one with actual business experience. He found that in Scott muse at shulman Rogers. Scott's very background having worked at the SEC also. He's one of the few lawyers that it's extraordinarily well rounded and their knowledge and experience. We've had many conversations where I've said you are absolutely crazy. There's no way that I'm doing that. And that makes no sense. And he's like, well, that's how you have to do it because that's how the securities laws read, and then he gets me to where I need to be. And he's done that many, many, many times. I love what I do, because it is complicated and problem solving and bringing lots of different things together. But you need a great team and Scott's definitely a huge part of that team. Learn more about showman Rogers, business and financial services at showman Rogers dot com. It's time to think about your tax refund. And Jackson Hewitt wants you to think

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