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Terence Newman was sort of forced into retirement and now he's on the Vikings assistant coaching staff this year. But they had so many communication breakdowns in the secondary. If you look at how tight ends of performed against the Vikings, there's been some ugly, big time plays with tight ends and running backs out of the backfield because they just don't between. I'm gonna go really meat and potatoes. Football on you here between linebackers and nickel cornerback. There have been some major. Communication gas that just didn't happen with parents. Newman was on the field. It was like having an assistant coach on the field. So I just don't think it's possible to stick the flag in the ground of number one defense in the NFL anymore with those two pieces missing. So the Rams already have the best offense in the league right now. And they're gonna say something far removed from the best defense in the NFL tomorrow night. The flip side of that though, we're talking with Phil Mackey ESPN twin cities is that the Vikings won't be facing. The best version of the Rams defense definitely going to be without cornerback. Keep to Leib could be without Marcus Peters. The other families to limited Mark limited the other ball hawking corner that they have. How do you expect the Vikings to react to that potential thing. The the problem is the Vikings are gonna listen to a negative. I am right now the Vikings we're gonna have to their their offense. Headline is so ravaged. I don't know if you can pick apart the ram secondary if you don't have time to throw. I mean, Kirk, even when Kirk cousins wasn't getting destroyed by bills pass rushers. He was Aaron on throws because it was obvious. He was waiting for somebody to knock his head off his shoulder pads. So I, I do think if the Vikings can get some quick hitting offense to Delvin cook, assuming he plays and their two star wide receiver Stefan digs. And Adam seal who really are legitimately two of the top ten or twelve wide receivers in the NFL they can run any route yards after the catch. They're very quick tough to tackle. I think that's the plan. If you, if you can't get quick hitting stuff to those three players, it's going to be really, really hard on the road short week, no offense of line. It's gonna be really hard to come away. With enough points to win the. I mean, you're, you're gonna have to score at least I would think twenty one or twenty four points to even be in the conversation. That's my guess. And it sounds to me in Phil, if if I understand you correctly that hypothetically, if you had the ability to start both digs and Alvin cook in your fantasy league that you probably wouldn't. Hypothetically, I, I would I if it's PT are starting all of those guys all the time. If you go Phelan's another one, if you go look, if you're gonna PR league feeling in a completely completely garbage game by the Vikings. Offense caught like fifteen passes for one hundred yards or something like that just with underneath stuff. So I'd start them on. I would start them all even if it's a blowout talking with Phil Mackey, ESPN twin cities, Donald show candidates. He brothers and a he. Brian came in at ski seems that the Minnesota Timberwolves will not be starting Jimmy Butler anytime soon. How professional sag there there wasn't. You can learn from how Andy doesn't don't don't care how good you are. You can always learn a tip or to how we operate it right there. Things get. So messy with this organization to where we are right now. How much time do you have? Oh, my gosh. I mean, this literally goes first of all, Gwen Taylor is the common denominator..

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