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Is stop and go because of an earlier problem on ice seventy five, northbound between outer drive in Libranoy watch. For residual delays in the area And I seventy five northbound your three seventy five there is some construction on the ramp there and, that has traffic slow from grand river Also. Keep in mind Hines fried is closed in both, directions between outer drive in Ann Arbor trail, flooding taking a look at your forecast today see still the, possibility of scattered showers thunderstorm otherwise partly sunny with a, high near. Eighty four partly cloudy tonight the low of sixty five and on Thursday a chance of maybe. Even a thunderstorm in the afternoon sunny though otherwise with a high of eighty six right now it is partly cloudy and seventy two degrees. I'm Heather Pasco on the patriots FM one, zero one point five and AM fourteen hundred The truth and nothing but This is the Sean Hannity morning minutes has explain, this to somebody never-trumper guy and. I get along with them but all these never-trumper people what they really. Don't like the president's personality they. Don't like he's a fighter they don't like. The takes on the media. They don't like the. Tweets they. Don't like that he's not he's never, going to be the establishment stiff, president in, years gone by you. Know who. Does like him. He's real don't like some I like, them Police love them. Military loves them firemen. Loved him. You know nurses doctors the work men, and women in this country because, he's he's, fighting to get those. Jobs that'll. Bava said would. Never come back A. New one this straight path later today Sean Hannity show A lot of warnings that you don't wanna. Miss a sign that's letting you know that there's a bridge out ahead or, a, lifeguard announcing hey there's a shark, in the water but in the digital world we. Live in today there may be no warning at all when it.

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