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Or the merle dory signing there must be more before it but like yeah i mean it's mostly walk lippi lizards and gut zillah you know like there's there's a whole trend is especially asian films that word right these god figured lizard and they were more along the lines of land lost look they find a dinosaur yes ladies or like my science project when he like briefly brings a t rex back through time but none that were like to my knowledge none that were like this and this is also at the first time where we're going to get to realistically see dinosaurs but so the film rights were sold for a million dollars which is a huge amount of money at an auction i've studio pretty much every major studio wanted to make this movie because they news of a million dollar idea dinosaur yeah and then crichton got a further five thousand dollars plus points i think i know he sold the script for a million dollars plus points which means he got a percentage of the film's gross after came out and then he got an additional half million dollars to right the first draft the screenplay to adapt its novel into the into the movie so he made all of the country him money in the universe off this idea that he had rightly so i mean yeah it was a pretty easy filmed prefinance just because the team that they brought together to create this was like the dream team so to speak he got stan winston is just the animatronic dinosaurs maniac fill tip it as the mean goes if you've ever seen he was credited as dinosaur supervisor and i always see this online mean that says like you had one job phil but he did the and go animation to go notion that with the goal motion for longer shots that were actually visual effects and the rule of thumb seemed to be that if it was a close up or if it was like medium shot which would like go to essentially the waste of the dinosaur that's a robot if it's any more than that.

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