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I don't know he'll be back. I'm sure when we spoke before that fight. You seem to have a pretty good feeling. That john salter was going to be waiting in the wings. For your first offense and that's exactly what's happened here. You're more than okay with that idea. I know you're not a guy. Thinks of revenge for him. Beating kosovan genus. But is there like at least a small part of you. Who wants to sort of get that one back for him like a little piece just like in the back of your mind not. I really haven't thought about that. I just there's a an opponent and fighting the belts for me as hungry as as the challenger nothing more. Nothing like Casella wasn't hurting that. Fight that me He got taken down and control because he heard them and revenge. This isn't personal at all. This suggest business right. of course. it's a fiber the it wasn't a dirty fight. Anything a you mentioned it because it seems pretty clear what saulters path to victory is going to try to try to take down and control you on the map but at the same time like you said he's gonna come after you in order to do that. Which ultimately could be a very good thing for you like do you see at the same way. Like yeah at stryker versus crapload. But in order for him to implement his game plan he's going to have to come play with that lucy fire so to speak. I think also especially.

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