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When they talk about death to police officers that bothers me yeah it's it's confusing because the message has gotten so uh sullied and i think that the concept of black lives matter again is taken on a life of its own and it depends on where you're coming from but added space for me it's as it seems like it's a nuance message for kids of that age as an adult you can hold to both concepts in your brain at the same time ago by saying black lives matter doesn't like some people go oneup who lives like they're this kneejerk all lives like all of these things and that's where tanya moseley who talked about earlier in the our talks about co voting like the concept of microaggressions encoding all these things are relatively new to me but lahser that's what they mean when they talk about that's a coded message when if i just can't say black lives matter and have that sit there and not have an addendum and not of an astra or not have to attach every other life color on the end of it can that just sit there and the brave people of color take it as coding to go we also stabilize yasser while i've also all as i know can was just for five minutes can we do say black lives matter and have that just sit there and it makes a lot of you uncomfortable to just let it be and so i one in trying to say yes black lives matter no and then in a different day in a different discussion different segment i can talk about how i support police support equality in all of those other issues but for in a moment like this this technology that is powerful the was it like to be virgil police officer in knowing that they may not come home you'll hear fromn a woman next who uh fears that deeply enough same on has been a very moved by surely the lives of sorts shirley ally alls in by or death over the weekend we'll talk about that next it's running don't you uncovered this law mckenna when i was attorney general for the state of washington we received lots of complaints about contractors that's why it's nice to hear about a company like guardian roofing with tons of great reviews and rated a plus by.

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