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Mm-hmm national native news is produced by Broadcast Corporation but funding by the corporation for public broadcasting support support by Freedom Lodge inviting you to join the historical trauma masterclass Twenty Twenty to provide cure and lighten the load for the next seven generations. No charge for tribal members. Registration is March. Second Information at Freedom Lodge Dot Org support by BNF railway moving our economy for over one hundred sixty five years. Our vision is to operate injury accident. Free with safety programs training and technology more at Bien SF DOT com slash tribal relations native voice one the native American radio network. This is native America calling. I'm Tara Gatewood. The latest protests against construction destruction of the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory in Hawaii has hit a new chapter demonstrators. Who Barricades on the road to Monica also also known as Mona our Kia the sacred mountain where telescope backers say they intend to build the facility and officials have withdrawn the police presence installed to counter those who have taken a stance the efforts to scale back tensions come as the coalition intending to build the telescope and those who call themselves yourselves Kia he which means guardian protector agreed to halt any action until at least the end of February? It's the latest in conflict over plans to construct. What organizers say is the largest most technically advanced telescope in the world some need of Wyans though say desecrates a secret place today? We'll get it some perspective. On the significance of the current situation and what strategies both sides may be considering. You're welcome to join this conversation. If you've been following knowing this issue what do you think will come next. I guess even better what do you hope will enfold. Were at one. Eight hundred nine six two eight four eight. It's also one eight hundred nine native and right now we are going to say hello to our guests who is joining today out of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii we have Kale a Kasuga. She is a spokesperson for Monica on Nina and also Monica who we she is connector. Molly our pleasure to ever here with US Killa. Welcome yes aloha. Thank you for having me on your show I just wanted to say that You know the state it has been the one that has been blocking the road And we were there to block construction Astronomers and observatory technicians have been allowed to go up the mountain for some time So you know I just WanNa make that correction. That's that's a problem that people keep thinking that we're the ones blocking the people the rest of the people from the road. We're not So what's happened recently. Is there's an an agreement with the mayor of the county of Hawaii Holy Island and and the Kupuna Made an agreement and to move the tenth to the side An open the road for you know the actual the actual road. Ah for the for the record. The road had been open. Ever since the state pulled the the doe care officers off the road so people had to go around the Ed Kupuna tent now. The main access road is open but there are now speed bumps crosswalks and The people I think they're going to adjust the speed limit to fifteen miles. It was way too high for that area where a lot of people are so that that agreement justice for two months and it's a temporary agreement If anything changes that will change also the into kill when and we see two months. When does it expire and February? Probably Okay and thank you for clearing that up because we we do see many different interpretations of exactly what is going on and we want to hear from all sides When we think of why people are even in in this area go him Tillis well? They're in the area because It's time it's time to stand you know we started fighting in court and then contested hearings administrative hearings as far back as two housing nine and the the the narrative is always that you know we've done everything we've gone through all the processes when and and most important thing that never was done was the horn people heard. I mean we we in Twenty fifteen we had you know sixty sixty nine thousand signatures of people are asking the governor to stop the desecration now we you have a new one for twenty nineteen and that one's over two hundred fifty thousand Asking the governor to stop the desecration I also things things that you know. The Hind people have found their voice. They have witnessed so many global movements in in in you you know standing rock Black lives matter. Shell no more. You know all kinds of movements that have been erupting all around the The world and Danny not for What they believe even and and standing up for the earth this is about protecting eighteen the earth you know it's not about quote unquote anti-science like a- like the opposition always likes to frame us It's about being form on the care not against science We're the native of the first scientists of by and It's not it's it's not that shallow. You know this this. This issue is about protecting our water. Sources just Mama. Cat Are sacred encrypt source and bare ground. which is on the cat and also protecting you know every species on long kids rare threatened and endangered entailed diversity of yes in all that plays a big role in just even the culture two in glad you are You know bringing light to all of this to and within some of these transitions understand the UN responded to the situation Shed more light on that please. Yes actually We had Collaborated with a group called cultural survival To make submission missing a kind of an emergency mission and that was left me and And we ask them to review do What is happening along the calf and we supplied them documentation and they actually did respond And they came out and they said that One thing that is really kind of actually an important matter because it comes from the the committee on the elimination of racism and so far the United States is not answered nor the state of why have not answered but one of the key key points was one they said that the TNT project should be stopped Until such time is they have received clear and free informed consent Base you know. That's one of the requirements in the declaration on the rights of indigenous people for which the United States is a signatory three as well as Signatory on the the Committee for the limitation of the Treaty on Committee for the elimination of racism. To to to you know there's a major development I think an important to have the UN time in because it's not only important for horns but for all ages people globally. Well there are many people who are watching a lot of this in Killa just to be clear from your understanding this agreement between Kia He and T. M. T. And maybe even the governor specifically what it is and is it a written document that people signed it is written document Yes and they enter entry knowingly signed on behalf of the and Yeah it's in writing and so that means that to break that would be break another contracting not that. That hasn't happened to a lot however I actually actually think this is important that they did make this. Signing you know. The Team T. Board. According to our understanding is that they are divided it is According to the New York Times That only Japan and Canada are actually the holdouts at this time. So that means the University of California in Caltech have decided to. I don't know what Pull back which is it's a very interesting development because we've had students in Berkeley California University of Santa Cruz and a number of the UC schools. Oh really re questing divestment and that that To know how much their schools have contributed contributed to this project. you know and also there's ongoing litigation we're still in a case You know suing the the state for not requiring a construction bond on the TNT construction bond requires that the amount of the full project be put up Prior to construction and the Tam T. also has difficulty because they're competing with the giant Magellan Telescope For American and the National Science Foundation money so you know the the bar and to protect Hawaii's public from a construction job that goes bad We've had that many times with the rail and other projects where the people of Hawaii or pain to offset those those costs and So the team teams should put up the bond if they're gonNA do it at all and they still have to deal with Ti..

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