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We've been fighting covert 19 for what seems like forever, but we need to keep on All of us. Keep on wearing our masks. Keep on watching our distance. Keep on washing our hands of vaccine is on the way. Now, more than ever, we must keep on doing whatever it takes. To slow the spread of covert 19. In other words, where the damn mask keep on Maryland. Brought to you by the Maryland Department of Health Rate was getting ready for this weekend. They lost the last playoff season to the Titans. They take on Tennessee at home this coming weekend on Sunday on Saturday. The team was no name a place Tampa Bay now Alex Smith, their quarterback. Limited practice, as the question is whether he will play or killer HEH Nikki will take the majority of snaps trafficking with the other three's Chuck Whitaker. Was mine Direct on 95 as coming up towards Camden Yards. It's on the right side. Pretty much on the shoulder North found where you would take the ramp to Russell Street and right before the ramp at 3 95. So if you're coming into the city from the southwest side, you'll see the flashing lights. Not a big deal right now. Just a reminder in Dundalk crews are working on a gas leak Have Northpoint Boulevard Ad Wise Avenue. Shot. Put it here with traffic and weather on the threes. We'll talk radio 6 80 Double d U C B M sunny and cool today. Temperatures running several degrees above average in the mid forties this afternoon Increasing clouds tonight 28 cloudy skies cooler tomorrow low forties weekend forecast. Mixed clouds and sunshine both days highs. Middle to upper forties. How many Where I was just can't boon from the weather Channel for talk radio 6 80 wcbm Right now. Ocean City has 33 degrees Pikesville 32 downtown Baltimore Right now It's 32 degrees 6 35 time for Lou Dobbs talking about your money. I'm Keith Peters in for Lou Dobbs, Walgreens and $6.5 Billion Deal to sell wholesale pharmaceutical business. AMC Theater chain looking for new financing and sports betting revenue may hit $2 billion those stories. Next, you've all probably heard of asbestos and know that it's dangerous. Most mesothelioma diagnoses are thought to be related to asbestos exposure. People who were exposed to asbestos decades ago are being diagnosed to this day with mesothelioma. That's because it can take as many as 30 or even 50 years to develop. But did you also know there is money to pay victims of asbestos exposure from years ago, An estimated $30 billion is available to help compensate victims and their families. If you are a member of your family have been diagnosed with message. Hey, Leana, you may be able to receive some of this money without ever going to court or filing a lawsuit. Get a free legal review today. Call cycle of law at 1 809 10 1950. Her again. 1 809 10 1951 809 10 1950 Call today 1 809 10 1950. The Walgreens Boots Alliance plans to sell its wholesale pharmaceutical business to amerisourcebergen and a cash and stock deal worth about $6.5 billion. The drug industry. Pharmaceutical wholesalers Act as middlemen purchasing drugs from manufacturers and then distributing them to doctor's offices, drugstores in hospitals. Walgreens says the Corona virus pandemic shaved about $520 million from its operating income in the fourth quarter of 2020. AMC Entertainment is in talks with Apollo Global management to find a new financial lifeline, backed by AM seize assets in Europe. Including the Odeon Cinema group, based in the United Kingdom..

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