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Is the rule that a lot of teams have for my estimation it's a rule that all national hockey league teams have sebastian says who's left on the rangers head coaching list now the jim montgomery has signed on with dallas as the team interviewed anyone thanks haven't really heard much about the interview process with sebastian thank you for bringing that up because montgomery was hired as the head coach of the dallas stars montgomery was on the list of candidates to possibly be the next head coach that york rangers certainly fit the category check the boxes of someone that could work with young players but how high he was on the list whether this is somebody that they wanted and lost out on i can't answer to that but still you here the same list of players and people and coaches they're getting talked to i would guess i would just say this obsession is somebody that's on the outside looking in search but just being somebody who's been around sports as long as i have that when you go this long and the knicks are kind of going through it and the nba as well although we have heard publicly their candidates makes me believe that one or one or two of the people they want to interview or currently on staff with teams that are still in the ploughs now that doesn't mean they're going to try to take that head coach i'm not saying that barry trots is is a candidate or peter lobby let but there could be assistance on those teams that they wanna talk to maybe not necessarily higher or have them high on their list of guys that they want to hire but they wanna talk to and they wanna wait so it sounds like that the the rangers are going to do their due diligence and talk to when they talk but there must be at least a couple of guys they wanna talk to that are still on staff of you know nashville winnipeg tampa boston pittsburgh washington vegas san jose all the teams that are left in the playoffs and they don't necessarily have to have this done by the draft but the draft is coming up but they definitely want to have it done by free agency which is why i so we are getting closer and closer.

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