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Two a. And when i came back from my first tour which was part of launching my first book my mom pick up the airport with my dad and at insane them for three months so they wanted to say me as well i would imagine and she said has it feel ram. How does it feel to climb up that mountain. Because i'd never done that before. No one in our family or generation of a house and i looked said feels pretty good mom and etta she said will make sure you come back down from that mountain and shed everyone what you found and you know. She has kept my head in the clouds but reminded me to keep my feet on the ground. That is the power of those words that she said when she said dream big and go for it but it certainly not with that responsibility and action. It makes perfect sense. And i love the fact that she keeps you grounded while also empowering you to have unlimited thinking and believe in yourself maybe even more than you would naturally and what a great lesson as a parent that she taught you that she modeled for you so your childhood wasn't perfect to your own admission you you obviously being the fact that you came at one years old You also were the biggest. I was short guy to you are the best student. You weren't necessarily the best athlete. You're always loved art and you did get bullied so i wanna talk about that for a moment. How did that influence who you are today. And the one thing. I'll think i think of as i say. That is the title of your podcast giant thinkers. So i'm just. I'm just curious if that strikes court if that's if that all relates at all but i'm curious what that being bullied as a child did to you now as you reflect as an adult. I'm glad you brought this up. Billy because i'm certainly an advocate for general wellbeing and not just that but like keeping it super roar in real and put it this way i was. I felt like when i was at home was safe. And i was loved and i was. It was like noneya me honestly like but but the thing is we didn't have much but i didn't know we didn't have much because of the enormous love and care that my parents gave me and when i say that i mean like i didn't change my shoes because we couldn't afford to change it for every two two and a half years whereas every you most kids would get new shoes every year and i would just wear them until literally had holes in them and it was falling apart. But right i i didn't it didn't bother me When i was in primary school i was the shortest in school and throughout haas threat. Haas goes second show in high school but generally i was never the most athletic. I was never the most Intelligent nevertheless wealthy. Never the most good-looking. None of that was in the friend zone or i but in preschool actually got bullied quite severely. I had my arm broken three times and go sixteen stitches before the age of eleven and people like what and i was like. Yeah like that's.

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