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For about half the price this is giants baseball npr six eighty sports leader hey everybody it is may thirteenth in giants history and what we're gonna do is go back to two thousand and seven and usually that means it's a barry bonds highlight nope not this time this time it's a fred lewis highlight that's right remember fred lewis giants are taken on the rockies on five thirteen o seven course field we pick it up in the fourth giants up one zip dan meyer basit kevin france and basit what's up franny after matt cain struck out here comes fred lewis now he had doubled in the first inning what does he do here too onto out the pitch lewis swings and drives one towards left feel well hit holiday going back you said the warning track he looks up it's gone freddie lewis to the opposite field and that's pretty impressive lewis with a three run homer in the giants have afford nothing lead lewis is just kept carrying and for freddie lewis his first big league home run so there you go congratulations fred lewis you've already had a heck of a day double homerun a in the fifth inning he hit a triple so now what does he need in the seventh inning only a single to complete the cycle and he's facing denny bow teesta before when did it in advance since nineteen ninety nine the giants at a psycho one to pitch swing and a shot into right field it is a vase it and freddie lewis the rookie has hit for the cycle in denver how 'bout that fred lewis is cycle and the giants would win fifteen two one on may thirteenth two thousand seven in colorado and this has been brian murphy with this date in giants history if breaking into the bay area housing market is gonna cost you about a million dollars isn't it time to start thinking about breaking out instead river islands and leith just past tracy is a master planned community in the homes at river islands are priced about half that of a new home in the bay area half instead of buying a condo with an hmo a.

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