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Has more visibility for podcasts from. . Google today. . Google podcasts now in the APP switcher that's on every Google website and it's more improvements for Google podcasts for Web as well. . According to nine to five Google however android. . Final Beato, , which will be the next version of android still does not have google podcasts as a default APP although Google play music has been removed Apple iphones have apple podcasts, , preinstalled, of , course. . Competing APP for Google. . KOSPI'S PODCAST addict. . An update has been rejected by the Google play store because quote of a policy violation no details of actually been given of what the policy. . Violation. . Is the APP has been removed multiple times by Google in the past if you'd like to help them this time willing to all eighteen thousand, one, , , hundred, , twelve words of the developer program policy in our show notes and our newsletter today. . Says launch audio go a self serve ad buying service to connect small advertisers with launch audio publishers. . The IRA have announced their final sheduled Abe podcast upfront southern Cross stereos podcast one Australia grew its revenue in the year ending June, , the thirtieth by ninety six percent. . The division is now cash flow positive according to the company. . It's brought in three point three million US dollars last year that's less than one percent of total revenues for the broadcaster however, , and they fell by eighteen point two percent. . The BBC launching a new topical comedy podcasts Comedians versus the news it'll be hosted by to New York comedians the show which will also be carried on BBC World Service radio at the end of August and you serve is Cam flair has been launched calling itself. . The easiest way to record and receive video uses a web browser and wed camp to get anyone to record video and audio for you can extra dropbox as well and it's free. . This year echo verse has been launched. . It's a next generation content studio makes. . PODCASTS, , it creates premium Sifi supernatural and fantasy audio dramas in India podcast producer sooner India has received funding from tully would movie producer shou-po, , Gada, , and podcast movement virtual has unveiled the platform they'll be using for their event in October and Paul Cost. . News hospitality forward is in new podcast talking to journalists to discover how they generate story ideas and how hospitality and travel experts can get on their radar by sharing their own newsworthy stories in a compelling way, ,

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