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Mike McCann update on all that's going on today that's around the corner you're calls until then though let's start with Rick in Tampa on the fan hi Rick Rick we lost them already mark in Los Angeles is next day mark hi how you doing what's going on good so I've two topics one Igor Schefter can the goalie for the Rangers should start dumbbells number one prospect had a stress fracture rib injury I had a couple years ago took me about seven weeks but he only came back in twelve days gave up five goals in the big game that the Rangers needed again you know the devil who understand that the rival team and everything like that but they're a bottom feeder they just beat the blues for the coming out of your big when but the problem having here is that these injuries are keep piling up for the Yankees I'm not going to sound like a prototypical fan of like oh my god no injuries here and there but later in the injury dates back to last year you know judge when he dove against other angels yeah yeah correct your great bear yep but it's like you know Stanton bill like an animal he's like six foot seven to eighty two let's be real here six foot seven to eighty two is not an outfield caliber sites not well no I mean it's it's a special circumstance mark you're absolutely right about that and I I II you know he's not to eighty two that son or you read up it is not that it doesn't come close to that weight but it doesn't matter he is oversized and unusual specimen the C. on a baseball field as is judge has is for that matter somebody like voice I mean there there are some really tightly built very strong anomalies on this baseball team physically and they need special training or attention to how they train because it's obviously different than it would be for a Tyler Wade or Miguel and do our or a labor Taurus or DJ lemay you so it seems like that individuality is not been addressed and it seems like the communication between the player and the training staff regarding what is expected from the player is lacking in other words they don't you know I had to drive on Brandon cut okay Brandon on will respond caliber was one of the reporters and we were talking about it was Brian hope yesterday we're talking about how all the players how are banged up in some way and he said if all twenty six guys on the roster call the training staff and complained about little aches and pains that they had at the end of the regular season it would be silly and counterproductive so my point is okay maybe I can understand that point of view that they're all hurting at the end of the year but when your prized possessions oversized possessions like a stamina judge ana Sanchez and avoid our in that mix of players you you really want to be sure and obviously with Severino impacts than you want to be sure you know with Aroldis Chapman you want to be sure key players I mean over cautious to make and that's the part that they clearly don't have down right now eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six Bruce Hinton falls next on the van I Bruce good evening thanks for taking my call I make a few points and maybe before you hang up on me I'm wondering and this is also a position Stanton was choosing he never got hurt in Florida at all you could look look it up I never had an injury for about one injury comes here in Mister tissue paper that's number one mark to sure up to by the way what was your first mortgage insurance came in without really any injury history and just had a horrible time here and I mean Tiger Woods thank you he was choosing also there's also position you know I mean I don't know nothing other than a lot so it's hard it's hard to think that in today's day and age that two zero or Stanton argues that word using are are using because they get tested to off I don't know I mean and the other thing is look at look at Gardner he could be the trainer thirty six years old I think you have injuries all current maybe three if I'm not mistaken and the guys like solid a rock the guy I don't think these guys I don't know because of the collective bargaining whatever's in baseball do they have an offseason workouts this is what you have to do if you want to get paid here's your workout regimen this is what you have to do in the offseason nothing else yeah no I think Bruce to your point that they do and that we've talked about this this weekend a lot because it's it is front and center as we prepare for the baseball season but there are there are several issues here all right and you guys out there as listeners can evaluate them and give percentages than to them all you want we have players addicted and you can be addicted to anything players addicted to working out that they just don't feel right and you all know like I know people that have to run five days a week it drives them crazy if they don't or they have to left or they have to swim they have to do what they do in order to feel right it becomes an obsession it becomes part of their daily routine that they don't want to do without so that's one two is ego ego is always involved I worked out harder than you you worked out I do know I lifted this year only lifted that I did this I did four miles you only did three miles in all of that doesn't stop just because you're highly paid player the same stuff that you went through in high school three players can't sit still players feel like in a twelve month the whirl of twelve month training world that were in in all sports these days that's sitting around can't possibly be good for me I gotta find something the state sharpened to stay you know what we mean arrest so that's one that they really don't know how to rest they don't know how to lie around it sounds stupid but they don't know.

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