Lomachenko, Richard Comey, Comey discussed on SI Boxing with Chris Mannix


So, you know, I think maybe lomachenko and his team deserve more criticism here than tank Davis and his team because what is he doing? He's fighting Richard Comey, Saturday night at Madison Square Garden and I don't want to disrespect your Comey's a hard hitting guy. He comes to fight and everything. But what is beating Richard Comey doing for other than fattening his bank account a little bit, what is it doing for vesicular lomachenko's legacy for anything really? Well, do you think he took that fight not to excuse it because I think you're right. But I think he took that fight believing that taffy was going to win and believing he just needed another fight going into 2022 to prepare him for that rematch. I think top right was going to push. For that. Chris, he has to fight somebody. I'm not saying, he's got to fight somebody, but again, this is, I mean, there's no way around the fact that he's fighting T of female Lopez's leftovers. I mean, there's no two ways about it. I agree. I think for me where I start to criticize lomachenko is next year is if he goes into next year and if he's so stubborn about staying at one 35 and the Cambodia's fight doesn't come together, what does he do? Like, can they I don't think they can make a fight with javonte Davis? It doesn't seem like that's something that's even remotely been discussed. And beyond that, like, what are we talking about? What's there for him at one 35 that's easy to make? And if you're George campos, and you have all these options, that's not the guy I'm fighting. I'm not fighting on my channel. Why would you fight him? I mean, it's the most complicated style of all of them. And he still, you know, it was a 33 34 now. I mean, he's getting up there a little bit. But I wouldn't fight him. You know, so and he has no losing the titles. You guys know leverage. I mean, he's still you talk to him Keith. Why do you think he doesn't want to go back to one? Do you think it's the weight? Like he doesn't want to cut that 5 pounds because we've watched him rise from one 26 on up. I think he's so much better at one 30. He is a much better one. Yeah, I think so too. I tried to ask him that. I didn't really get a straight answer to be honest with you. And again, I don't know, maybe if that's a negotiating ploy by them because they know the top rank does not want to put for whatever reason is hell bent on not putting Oscar valdes in the ring which of course Stevenson..

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