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Welcome to embedded I am Ille- Co alongside Christopher White. . Today we are going to talk about professional Taco copters. . Well actually prescriptions delivered via drones in places where growth's aren't viable. . I guest is Whitney Wong from ZIP line. . Thanks for joining us. . Thank you so much for having me. . Could you tell us a bit about yourself? ? Sure. . As we said. . <unk> Hong I'm embedded software engineer at supply. . Supply is start <hes> and we make high-speed fixed-wing drones that deliver essential medical supplies around the world. . Joins a blind a year ago <hes> straight out of college, , and I actually have a background in mechanical and aerospace engineering. . Building robots sand. . Really, , excited to be here today. . We are excited to ask about drones and. . Some world travel. . But before that, we , want to do a lightning round where we ask short questions may watch for. . And if we'RE BEHAVIORAL OURSELVES WE WON'T ASK WHY. . Are you ready. . Good To to complete one project started as. . Well. . In practice <hes> I definitely start doesn't <hes> but in theory I would definitely like to compare one. . Do you have a favorite acronym. . That's a good question. . I don't actually have a favorite acronym, , but I have at least data acronym cuts new. . Okay it's it's one of those reclusive acronyms. . It's very annoying. . If, , you could teach college courses what would you like to teach? ? I took this really amazing course when I was in college <hes> called transformations in art and engineering and it combined art and engineering, , we've got to do a lot of really cool embedded. . He projects and was really free form <hes> and yeah very creative <hes>. . So I would definitely like to teach a class like that. . Drone. . Or Quad. . Copter. . I guess Quad Copter is a subset of droned. . Depending on your definition but. . Said fixed-wing. . So What is the silliest application you've seen? ? ooh. . Twenty question <hes> i. . <hes> I guess. . One of the summers <hes> for my internships. . I worked at a startup where we try to make <hes> an indoor drone. . It was basically a quad copter encompassed in a ball and it looked like the death star so. . That was pretty fun. . Cool. . Do you have a tip everyone should know. . Yeah Don't be afraid to get started <hes>. . I definitely seen many of my peers. . <hes> get really intimidated by Harvard projects <hes> coming from like same more pure software background but <hes> you know, , don't be afraid to to just like get moving in and make mistakes and learn along the way. . Okay. So . tell me about zip-line. . fixed-wing launchers. . Give us the rundown. . Yeah. . So the technology is pretty cool but it seems kind of random men and a kind of strange <hes>. . If you look at it from like today's perspective <hes>, , just watching videos online how it works is actually we have a swing drones. . They look like tiny airplanes. . They an operator assembles these drums on a launcher, , which is basically a high speed catapult. . The operators hit a button and these drones catapulted into the sky at a hundred kilometers per hour. . So these drones, , then move across the sky and <hes>. . We actually have a service radius of about eighty kilometers, , which is about fifty miles and when it reaches the final delivery site <hes>, , which is typically a hospital or health facility in any of the countries that we serve. . It will open. . It's payload doors release a package with a parachute attached to it, , and that package will guide to the ground and the local doctors who requested the order will go in retrieved package. . Are Jones will autonomously fly home and it will actually. . Do something that we referred to as a recovery, , which is essentially <hes>. . It doesn't have landing gear. . So what it does is it has a tiny centimeter long hook. . At the end of its tail boom, , and there is a big trust structure where our original like launching location is so like the recovery system is right next to that catapult launcher. . And on top of this big trust. . Will be a a line essentially like fishing line <hes> attached across this trust structure. . The line will snap up <hes> as the drone reports keep. . Yes. . Location at a sub centimeter level accuracy back to the ground station <hes>, , and it will engage with the line <unk> catch on. . So it's pretty magical looking. .

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