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South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham backs president trump's escalating trade war with China earlier today the president announced products coming from China that were to be tariffs at a rate of ten percent will now be a fifteen percent as of October first and those that would be taxed at twenty five percent will now go to thirty percent all I could the goal is to get China to stop treating the United States out of market share to play by the rules and everybody else in the world plays by we almost had a deal several months ago then they backed out of it when it comes to a trade war we've got more bullets than they do on fox is the story with Martha McCallum earlier today another war of words between the president and China sent stocks tumbling with the Dow off six hundred twenty three points Illinois state trooper has died from gunshot wounds after executing a search warrant at a home in east Saint Louis thirty three year old trooper Nicholas Hopkins of ten year veteran died at Saint Louis University hospital the trooper was married and the father of four year old twins and then an infant daughter new projectiles from Pyongyang a U. S. official says North Korea fired off two more short range ballistic missiles from its east coast splashing down harmlessly into the sea of Japan Saturday morning local time the test comes over a week since president trump said he received a beautiful letter from north Korean leader Kim Jong moon there been at least seven north Korean short range missile tests since July boxes Lucas Tomlinson at the Pentagon a judge has ordered a woman accused of hacking Capital One at least thirty other organizations to remain in custody pending trial because she's a flight risk and poses a physical danger to herself and others at a hearing in Seattle magistrate judge Michelle Peterson said page Thompson's bizarre and erratic behavior makes our risk the judge also said Thompson had no stable employment president or ties to.

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