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But but basically like the reason why the cult has like such a crazy status is not only because the mass suicide but also there is no sign of like a struggle like no one like i said no sexual abuse yeah know weird stuff it was ninety doped them up on lsd like gothenburg's like the manson family was like doing tons of drugs like having saxon being crazy and like just trying to get by yep but it seems like they had normal jobs like normal people and then all of a sudden he was like yoad ted his commit mass suicide with a bunch of other people that is it's crazed think rosemary yeah it was weird so that's why it colic shook it shook everyone is this has happened in history kind of a few times afford this uh there was another one where he has called the jones term massacre alabama angola's you'll was not like nine hundred people did masters look all because owner of a ho a cold unlike ghoulish terrible is the terrible people can brainwash and terrible the it gets to that point yeah oh yeah and we see how many what how many people was the just peeling 900 am has crazy ninety oh yeah and nine hundred nine members from nine members jim johnsboro they got sorta and the court in such a dog so what this is this spooky answers you go okay well that's how we're supposed to ed anyway spooky helmi we got like some fun halloween facts in the middle there so at least that yeah i just felt like the the mass suicide thing is is interesting because there's just like so how i could raw something can go i now wall so it's it's just a it's also that these people found like a.

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