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Peres sam rubber always wonderful miss alexa bliss here on sam robbers wrestling podcast thanks to her and thanks to wwe to k teen for the help in the conversation with alexa bliss and enabling us to share with you here on same roberts wrestling podcast don't forget christmas is coming let's celebrate christmas in the most sam robert wrestling podcast way possible go to not samecommarch if you're not samecommerge then you're going to see all these sam roberts wrestling podcast tshirts available you can get the nazi sam teacher just the traditional straight up nazi empty shirt sam robberds wrestling podcast the same roberts a bit the same roberts hasbro actionfigure tshirt if hasbro like on know all kinds of stuff for over there you can get the figured out tshirt from me when i was a little kid get him now overnotsamcommerge if you tweet at any photos are re tweeted but if you buy it is a gift for somebody for christmas don't tweet me until after you give it to him because if i read tweet you then even though they want to your tweet they might see my tweet retweeting you and then the whole thing will be spoiled so go to not samcommerge and in the meantime speaking of not sam i do have a youtube show that comes on throughout the week usually a two or three times a week probably more like two times a week it's called sam roberts now and it's livetocomnot sam whenever it is make sure your subscribe to that youtube channel and you can see them they're not they'll be some wrestling on it w some non wrestling on it but you'll be happy with who what some of the topics are who some of the guests are i think you really enjoy it if you join me so gone over to youtubecomnot sam i i didn't know a lot of that stuff about alexa bless you know that's why i really i didn't expect that conversation to be so nxt heavy and what she was doing washers in orlando but i guess i didn't i didn't realize.

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