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Get you Don't need any Edie products at all After I tell you this one, the leading candidate now, according to Dennis, start of CBS. Okay, this, Peter, you're gonna tell you what. Hold him down. J will not come sit on my left. Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Landing has emerged as the favorite to take the same position for the University of Texas, according to Dennis Todd Dan landing of Georgia, Georgia Bulldogs defensive coach He's only 34. But he's considered one of the rising stars and all of college football. Georgia coach Kirby Smart. Pluck the Kansas City native from Mike nor Val's Memphis staff following the 2017 season after years outside linebackers coach Landing was elevated to coordinator in 2019 when Mel Tucker left for Colorado. Georgia finished 12th nationally. A total defense is season third in 2019, with landing calling the defensive place so this is would be a big hit for Steve Sarkisian. Also interviewed has been very autumn of Arkansas and Mrs States, Mississippi State's offensive coordinator Zach Arnett. But again, Dan Landing in L A. N n i n G has emerged as the leading candidate. For this defensive coordinator. Protections that would be Can you imagine? You know how good George's defense has been? Good gosh be there doesn't seem to be shifting in his share any so I think I'm not. I'm not sitting on a chair. Just Oh, I don't know if think, e don't know that fully did the job you were promising there at I haven't. I haven't heard that name before. But you're right. I am. I'm familiar with the George defense and it's an impressive impressive squad that they seem to put on the field there. And I will say that There is a beat a level excitement about this Texas program in that, you know, guys are leaving. I mean, guys are leaving Alabama for Texas for the same job. You know, he's a doubt Bob's believe, enjoying Georgia for Texas for the same job. It's one thing if you're believing to be promoted, you know into it. Didn't you know the Kyle Flood thing? He's technically the offensive line coach in Alabama is gonna have the same job here, but there were making in the offensive coordinator. But if you guys were coming For the same that, you know, not a promotion. Sure, there's money implications involved here. Yeah, The thing about a good brand remain strong. It gives me goose bumps like with that excitement because it's not normal to me at again like it's been with what we've gone through because of what I'm seeing around us. And not only that the level of excitement from former players still to this day, not during that you not even during the national championship, but when they hire coaches Or, you know, recruit. It's just this. The social networks right now are ablaze with former current recruits championing us which I just hadn't seen in a while. So you know, Vito, you and Jay saw the national championship defense. What I thought was a tremendous defense Protects is But I'm old enough. I can remember. Those defense is when for for Fred Akers when they had Steve Massey, Steve McMichael, Kenneth Sam's Those guys Unbelievable defense's and defense is where they would be. You know, 17 players taken 17 players taken. In the draft one year from the Texas offense and defense. But back those years when defense was king, and I love the way Georgia plays, defense and very physical I If it's landing, I think it's gonna be a huge get for my friend Steve Sarkisian. But the defense in college football is just it's I don't even know how to evaluate it because of the way that the game has changed that as well. I was asking you guys done after the national championship game. Is there a problem? Do we need to look at the rules that perhaps you know, to make some adjustments there because of the way that offenses have exploded. And look, this is another. Just another credit to Nick Saban, because, remember, a decade ago he was winning these national championship beat Florida beat Ellis. You 9261 year. Can you imagine? And Alabama ls you game? You know, that is five field goals. The end cannot imagine. Uh And so, yeah, he's not on the scene. Oh, this is the way that people are going to run off. And so okay, I'm gonna do it, and I'm gonna do it better than you guys I don't know, like could you combine the defense that Alabama used to play? Let's say, you know, you remember that team that Texas played in 2009 in the national championship game? Their NFL guys all over that defense. I'm sure he's got NFL guys right now. But they're still you know, they give up some points over there. I don't know if it's just because of the way that college football is now. But yeah, if you could put together a defense like that one of the those SEC defense is from 10 years ago that you know they had all over the place. And maybe the sky from Georgia can coordinate that in Texas, and he will come and he'll see the big 12 offenses. Which the offenses in the SEC or not likely, a Mississippi state is now with everybody's passing just about every down, but I think it's gonna be interesting to see how that trance if, if landing does come And even will vote. He's looking at two other SEC guys bury autumn of Arkansas and Zach Arnett, a Mississippi State how that translate in the big 12 because it seems like ashes defense, even though they got better the end of the year. It was like, hold your breath a lot of times like Whoa, Here it comes. So it is. This is this is very, very interesting news today and we the Texas hasn't officially told Chris Ashes out, right? Well, I know starving. Apparently, he's gonna be out blackly. He will be urban Meyer wants to hire him to be a an assistant there, and I think he was offered a job by Dan Mullen in Florida. So I mean, probably be okay. Don't hate Chris Ashton. I don't know. I can't just say to any former coaches who have already packed up and left or have You know what I mean? It's not like I mean where I get so stoked, But I mean, I was a believer. I was behind you guys I gave you everything I had is a fan. Thank you for your service is all I really just want to say and put a period at the end of that a 3605 90. Let's go to Leander. It's Tim on K O B. J. What's up, Tim? Tim may even in general, great shows always. Thanks,.

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