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Welcome back everybody to anything but idle. I'm sidney smith joined her with acoustic panels and our guest. Today are dell wicks. Hello gentlemen and back to our headlines. Let's get into our headlines for productivity articles that we've been paying attention to this week because what is our first headline. The first headline is another. From mike. Sparky title software is eating. The world on cars are next to menu and it's a commentary. An article came and wall street journal about apple getting into the out mobile business or not but it really comes with a couple of interesting arguments about really that what software is doing. And what are the risk. You know it sounds really nice to have your car not months ago. Aeronautic old really nice article talking about using tesla for assault for obey that that really update vehicle and at the same time. I was complaining. Because i was trying to get something fixed on mine. And they wanted me to do something that i wasn't going to when he was a software update. So yes suffer. It's going to continue revolutionizing all these industries and you know seems like everybody's putting their is right now in beatles and cars on how we can make them better and be a suffer but as the article mention went into be careful because software also mean bucks and hacks and other things that hey implies certain risks to this is not. This isn't new to the car world. I mean we look at things like tesla we look at things like the id force from volkswagen. The electric the electric cars are are bringing some of this thinking. Because it's like oh it's tech. It's electronic this has been around for years and years and years and so many vehicles can't be maintained unless you have a computer reader. You've got specifically licensed software. You have specific controllers and even dedicated cables to be able to interface with the car. Literally i had a car that was made in one thousand nine hundred ninety six that the engine would turn off because the computer would tell it to in specific situations. This is the type of thing that we have is the challenge. It's not so much that the tech is carrying us forward. It's that it's dragging everything else along with it. It's determining that everything needs to be tech driven. Everything needs to be computer controlled and what that winds up with is literally massive quantities of vehicles and maintenance..

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