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They did a little bit of of of what they usually do. In a slump they They threw some money at at at ordinary. Americans not in my view the least efficient way to get the stunt and they They said Gee two. Trillion is a big big chunk of change which is not entirely false And they they weren't did very little for the medical supply chain. They did nothing for the healthcare system. They didn't fix the problem of not being able to hold elections that having elections have to go to vote by mail. There many many things that they didn't fix it they've got to start working right now and I hope working with a with a clearer mind set up What is required not not following the same playbook that they followed with with with with a sword bill. The fourth one really has to be focused on the emergency and doing what the healthcare professionals SAS necessary. Doing what's necessary to protect the supply chain. Doing what's necessary to get people to to a place where they're secure enough to To to shelter in place without With without the kind of fierce an exodus you just described Ireland just nationalized their healthcare system. I said we're going over to a single system a single public system. When did they do that just in the last few days lowers the Ireland has ninety national? Is that like the UK? His name is has a national health care system yet they are. They are had a kind of a mixed system. They had private health hospitals and so forth. They've taken over them all. This is one of those Catholic hospitals in Ireland. They've just taken over the whole thing. They've nationalized the hospitals are Laos correct. And they had to do that because because as I say. All the way to guarantee that capacity will be there to make help hope that the capacity will be adequate for what's required that everybody has equal access to. Wow No we're we're at a situation here where where you look around Europe and you say okay. What is going on in Italy? We have three countries that have provided aid to Italy and they don't include Germany they don't click the United States. They first big one is China. It was a team from my wife's home. Province of Fujian flew into Lamberti setting up facilities. There there was A. There's a medical brigade from Cuba Doing setting up a field hospital larvae long running a field hospital in Lamberti right now. I mean you can imagine from Cuba and one of the richest provinces certainly the richest one in Italy one of the richest ones in Europe and the third one is Russia which has been sending convoy surveyed Where are we we're at a mired in a desperate situation tried to get our own act together? I and mercifully This is a we've reopen channels of communication and cooperation with China. Which has started yesterday sending planeloads of supplies that are critically needed a New York Los Angeles and other cities. They'll come in And that's You know that shows you that we have to help each other and we have to recognize that you know the benefit of being able to perceive These things in the short run and the necessity to make sure that we're better protected Laura. There's no way we'd be able to help Italy at this point now is there. I mean that's no of course not no yours not But you know the fact is there other countries out there. That are doing it and the reason they're able to do it is that they were better prepared. Long long should we? Should we call up Cuba and ask for some help? I mean I know that's not going to happen but you hear about you`re. You're the expert on Cuban medical care. You probably know as much about it as any American bill. Here's what I know. They are very happy to send. They have so many. They trained so many doctors. I mean their goal is to have a doctor in every neighborhood and And it's the truth. I mean they. They have an incredible medical system medical schools and they supply doctors throughout Latin America. I mean it's no any country go to South America Central America. There are Cuban doctors there. They are the lifeblood of their systems and You know but I guess you can't bring that up now in this country because I don't see why not. I'm sorry but the reality is the reality. Yeah there's a Cuban Cuban Field Hospital in northern Italy. At this moment that is the reality and yet and yet one of the Democratic presidential candidates Beginning with Being asked that question by Anderson Cooper on sixty minutes about Why would you say anything? Good about Cuba in the candidate goes well because just like pretty much which your grandmother told you you know. You can't say something Nice about somebody you actually most people even the worst people you know. Have maybe one redeeming quality in this case. You know with Cuba. You have a number of things that they've done for their people and then they held. They've helped other people and well anyways that well it's it's simply a a a category. Arabic mistake To project everything onto the leadership of country. There's a degree of social organization of professionalism in the Cuban healthcare system in Chinese healthcare system out of it. You an ad priority to these things which means you say that they have enough of of trying to lot of doctors and nurses and they're able then to deploy as needed to deal with health crisis of the whole population You know there were again to come back to China a case that we've been following closely from from my my wife's province a twelve hundred Medical personnel went into Wuhan right into into the MAELSTROM pitched in and they're fantastic. How brave these people are and how determined they are very brave to yeah to get it? Yeah Yeah and you don't have to like the Chinese government or the or the or the or the EPA. Or what have you to understand? This is an organizational capacity that any country under any system needs to have in order to deal and by the way the United States has had it. In the past we were the sufficient Country of the world at getting mobilized to fight the Second World War and we were able to pull that together and the reason we worse that we'd spent the previous ticket of the nineteen thirties building the infrastructure created a kind of National Esprit. De Corps. National Spirit. Which met could could be mobilized in order to be challenged We've become I know very we've system that we've had in. The last forty years is very different from that system. So I'm not asking that we think about importing something from some other country. We ought to go back to our own traditions and deal with it. I can tell you another story if you've got a second please. My father was involved in this and Hit come from Canada. The nineteen thirty S and nineteen thirty. Nine forty was Working for the National Defense Advisory Commission Officer Price Administration civilian supply right after The Pearl Harbor the seventh nineteen forty one. Two days later there was a meeting to discuss critical materials. Which according to my parents they went down the list alphabetically which was very slow until they got are and then the light went on and people's brains word. Rubber came to mind and of course. The Japanese were malaria practically by that point And so my father left the meeting with a lawyer by the name of David Ginsburg very prominent lawyer later in life and he he had. Ginsburg wrote an order. Banning the sale rubber tires in the United States and the kicker was. They didn't work for the agency that have power to enforce that order which was the win production board so they walked it around to the commissioners they said. Here's the rubber order. Sign it which they did not asking who the people who were asking and they walk back to their office in this other agency and call the networks and the next morning. Rubber tires were not for sale. In the United States. There were all conserved for the central. It happened that quick overnight overnight. I'd say they. He went by the service station in Alexandria Virginia. The next morning and rubber tires were not for sale while okay so so. December seventh is Pearl Harbor. This meeting takes place on December ninth. That's right am by. We're talk Monday morning of the tenth of December by the end of December. They've shut down the rubber for tires because we need the rubber for the war effort and that by shutting down there at Fort for central purposes. I mean it wasn't all rival war effort right by such. That was the but that was the end of making cars. So then they put a stop order on yours very soon and And I think it was. Ford defied the order and continue to produce a produce two hundred and fifty thousand automobiles because they were profitable. The government confiscated them and that became the government fleet for the rest of the war The other thing my dad did was say was responsible for a thirty five mile. An hour speed limit to serve save gasoline governors to the one what to governors declined to enforce it. One of them was Texas Pappy O. Daniels said professor. Understand what you're saying but in Texas you go thirty five miles an hour. You don't get there. What happened to us? What happened to that kind of like still there? We've got I definitely believe is still there. I can see it happening. I saw it. Ha- you know you can see it happening with the javits center being converted to a field hospital. There's a huge amount of competence in this country. The problem is it's not at the federal level and not at the federal level in either party. Ya and that is what has to be changed. That has to be changed very very quickly. Now we need to have the kind of recover the kind of administrative capacity of competence that you can see mayors in cities around the country and and had governor at about parties. Actually trying to do the best under these circumstances but they're obviously at the top Where we bring run by a run into the ground by oligarchy and this is true in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. Well why Herbert. Hoover couldn't get us out of the depression that it took it took a change and it took a powerful personality and someone who is prepared to go to to reset the value system at the federal federal. So how are we going to make that happen because you know? I think we know it isn't Biden and some of us. Obviously we want Bernie but the other side is the other part of the party. Isn't GonNa Accept Bernie so it may not be? I'd Love Day and I've supported him for five solid years could but not matter. I think everybody really knows what's possible. And what's not muscle right okay. So what does that mean them? What do we? What do we do between now in the in the Virtual Convention? That's probably going to have to take place. Well it people need to come to their own conclusions but I think the first one has to recognize that what we have coming out of this is not liable And so once you do that then I think fairly obvious concussions present yourself you have to ask who would be viable At that that's the question that how do you get from where we are now to the position of having someone who has capacity to handle this crisis it's not just about who can get elected? It's we need. It needs to be the person that can handle this crisis and take it like. Fdr Did and and and beat it win. It do whatever and then come out of this in some come out of the collapse come out of the. You know the devastation of this. In some way that we can rebuild or people can rebuild communities businesses of their lives. Whatever whatever it takes Joe. Who's GonNa who is that person that the majority of Americans are GonNa you know? Follow into battle to make this happen. Also asked again of people need to come to their conclusions. But ask the question. Who's on the front lines to a good good job right now? Well let's let's sell the gate areas elephant in the room. The answers to that are going to be obvious. Obviously they're very obvious answers to that and and I'll be the first to admit that while you know probably the first person that's come to mind at this is somebody I haven't necessarily supported in the past Doesn't necessarily share my politics. But I'll tell you I've been so we're talking about the governor of New York. I am talking about the Golden York. I've been so impressed because I'm I am now quarantined on. I'm here in S- constant New York City in the midst of of this devastation and It's the only good moment of the day that you start to feel like something's happening And somebody's GonNa make it happen and It's it may be that as California. Sadly is very soon now going to experience. Perhaps what New York has experienced Gavin NEWSOM May step forward and people will see that there's another person that is Is Smart and can leave. It may be an I. I heard Governor Cuomo's speech at the Javits Center. I will recommend that everybody look it up on on on the ABC News site. Where I saw it was all in the sky. You tell you. People's values and their capacities emerge at this at this point that the small in this in this kind of situation and I would argue that only someone who has a WHO could persuade the American public that they are up to date with. This challenge has ended really serious chance of of of of defeating the incumbent fall just becomes a requirement for going forward a serious way. See There are people right? Now listen to this. And they're going Mike James Please Komo's and a good job of you know Convincing trump to help to send things here. Send the big boat. Whatever and if you're trying to imply that this may help defeat trump Well as he showed to the Governor Michigan you know. It's one reason why I'm not..

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