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Streaming live on the KTAR news app John McCain arriving at joint base Andrews in Maryland It is airing this morning news. Seven o'clock thank you for listening to the, nation now paying its respects to Senator John McCain who has returned to Washington, where his body will lay lie in state today there's much more plan though. For John McCain over the next couple of days it's. Our top story and here's Jamie west paraphrase Shakespeare we shall not. See like, one day after a touching memorial service in Phoenix there will be a, formal, ceremony in Washington d. c. for Senator McCain. KTAR Jeremy foster joins us live with more try. Jamie just heard vice president or former vice president, Joe Biden talking, about his, good friend this morning current vice President Mike Pence as well as other congressional leaders will deliver remarks at the US capitol McCain will, lie in state in the capitol rotunda An honor reserved. For very very few men in, our nation's, history including. President Lincoln Reagan general Eisenhower President Eisenhower let's ABC fifteenth Fredericks with their morning news earlier. She's actually in DC for this, weekend's events. Today's ceremony against scheduled to begin at. Eight AM Arizona time tomorrow McCain will be, laid to rest at the US Naval Academy cemetery live in the news center, Jeremy foster KTAR news Arizona's gavitt at sky harbor to late Senator McCain off. With a final goodbye, often that you see that kind. Of class in a man and it was great to say that. He represented, us here in Arizona on top of terminal threes parking structure observers gathered, to, watch air force to take off from sky. Harbor as Senator John McCain's final departure from Arizona. A great guy at sporting events I read his, book I missed, seeing him, last night fared coverage say goodbye onlookers were seen waving flags as the wheels of air force to took off to honor The hero the heiress zone in America Amanda the human Ali vetnar KTAR news.

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