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Sir what a matter and what a te mike metro pcs in the iphone se for zero dollars on a network that covers ninety nine percent of people in the us oh impressive play with the best switched to metro pcs and unlimited lt plan and get a thirty two gig iphone se for ciro dollars metro pcs coverage not available in some areas sales tax claim based on talking not active numbers currently on the t mobile network active on metro pcs past ninety days see store for details and terms and conditions night from gay right your mama off sounds the r a and some day bryce awesome school and so the our ace hi everybody welcome to the p b and b my name is mike bloom talking about episode five of survivor ghost island i'm joined by analyst risk panel as always to break down this episode in our own non traditional bnb fashion i let me welcome back as per usual the co owner of the bnb liana boris liana how're you doing i'm great i'm happy to be here i always look forward sitting down talking about my favorite show survivor perfect and no no tears please leon it's very tearfilled episode we wanna keep it nice and happy here completely dry no no kidding that keep it that are just for this week we have another returning guest hell could we turn her away at the door which she came in with a sumptuous plate of pastries and no chris we are keeping the chocolate ones for ourselves alley.

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