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He signed on recently, and he'll be facing Darren Elkins. These guys have been doing their thing for many years at one hundred and forty five pounds of. Some of the best in the world. And they're slotted in the co main event that's headline by Neil Magny, and Santiago, puns and ego. Joining us on the hotline is Ricardo lamas was Rick. How're you doing? Guys. How you doing doing great? My man look at to that passport. Always staying busy. Your your team player there for the UC? You've you're punching the clock many times out, you know, outside of the country. Yeah. You know, I figure one other chance might gonna get to go to Argentina and experience there. So I might as well do it while I can, you know? Are you coming right back home? You're gonna hang out for a while. After your fight. I'm I'm actually gonna go back home. You know, I'm spending time away from the family right now with me being a Miami, my wife and kids in Illinois. So I don't want to spend any more time away when I have to if you're diets on point and want to get out of the hotel. You've gotta go out and either catch revert plate or Boca Juniors. Just go to one of those games. It'll be in unac-. I can't explain what the experience will be like Ricardo. So if I know I know the just stay in the hotel and chill. But if you're one of those that doesn't mind getting out a little bit and just checking it out go to your concierge and just one of those two teams playing or if not one of the others all all the stadiums are pretty passionate. But it is crazy dude song. It's unlike anything you'll ever see. Yeah. It's funny. How soccer like USA only country where soccer isn't really that popular. But everywhere else, it's crazy popular. Yeah. For sure. This fight came together in the last couple of weeks..

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