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You've got like going in a in a different direction. Sorry about the phone and also. Also talking about like we're sitting at a rat, the appetite our, which has judge office. We're sitting at a board room. We've got the Cork Board of all the scenes on on note, cards were during that whole process you know, and then Judd would injured and Judah or Barry. We would talk, and we would have all these discussions about like you know what should happen here. What should happen next? Next or we need to find a scene that accomplishes blank and that would be. My newest asylum is a fine way of making this scene. Do this. Find a way of making sure that at the end of this page. He's here that sort of thing you know, make sure. How are we going to get these two people in this room in a believable way? That's going to show this. Just, that's the process. Yeah, and and again geeky question. What did you learn about his outlining process with no carts, because writers sometimes have everything from different colors to depict different emotions are characters, or they sometimes have a minimum or maximum of how how many know cards Dole allow scene or packed act, so yes, I'm getting very Geeky, unnoticed. There is nothing like that. It was just have it was just literally the process of ordering things of just keeping things in order and saying these are the scenes we have What are we going to do with these? And the no cars were just simply showing scenes. It was just that's insane. We're GONNA have to plan. That's that's to be a little, because then your customer for the location and stuff. It wasn't anything that indepth just like we had. All the actors were looking up. Their faces on a board I got to. It's funny. I got to tell someone who did not get. He did not get cast. But fairness the the scene they were looking at him for got cut anyway, it was actually a character that I had written in the hospital that was supposed to be a I just a character. I really wanted us for comedy of just guy obviously trying to get painkillers hospital. I just wanted to have the fun. You know just sort of like one someone clearly bullshit in a nurse and a friend of mine we're looking at different comics and a friend of mine I say Hey I saw your face in my My weekly, like booklet of people were looking at. He was like shocked because he just read for it, and he's not even someone who was like that big and actor so like even though we didn't hire him, it was like I was like Oh. Wow, this is like a big Mike I'm glad that I. Let him know that. His agents were working for him and let him know that Lake. He actually was doing better in the industry thought he was because he wasn't getting hired. But I'm like. No, you're like you're you're someone we're like considering so like. Obviously you're at a level I. mean and I said it was like we're go joe. mackey instead, but I want you to know that you were absolutely considered. That's his name Dan Perlman Funny Guy Good for Dan Perlman I like it I like he'll get in the next appetizer now, so your own personal writing habit for your craft. What would you consider more important when you're sitting down to write a screenplay page the hours of your schedule or as a page count, you're trying to hit per day. How how do you operate on a daily basis just when you're riding Solo? I've never ever. Thought about it that mathematically I've never said. I need to read a certain number pages per day. Pete does that's how Pete Things? Actually how many? How many? People like. No, I just mean that like when we would write, you know Pete would be very driven and be like. Let's come he. He would say like. Let's write ten pages today. And of course I know and but piece always always extremely ambitious. I would be the one to be like. That's a lot of pages in one day. Let's you know. Let's try it because, but it was always assorted. The which is about motivation for him. It was just felt like you know. Let's do this. Let's you know. He was just so into it that he would want to other scripts. We've had whereas it's actually true yet. Pete thinks in terms of pages I think in terms of hours, so how many hours to put in? As many as I have okay. Okay, let me some writers set schedule is really what I'm getting at. Some people are morning, writers versus night riders, or they do a certain amount of and they say that they're done, so you're not that Doug, matic, it sounds like no, no, I mean I just I I like to get things done. I. Find that the process of writing. Is An extremely. Difficult one it I think that if you love writing. If you love it. I question you because I feel like good writing at least with comedy from my perspective, it should hurt. It should feel like it takes a chunk of your soul out of you. That's how much. You should be putting into it like I describe making yourself right when you're not inspired like.

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