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Point blank answer should do you have any reservations about this thing the answer immediately was now we're going to do this we're gonna get you better and stick around for all of the grandkids so we are very very fortunate he watched he Catherine I hear so many orange to this to the situation last week you had Katie Matt one of the nurses that is on that floor I have a cousin whose daughter just by sheer coincidence he's up in Boston is daughter moved here to the south and is the charge nurse on the kidney transplant unit I mean the coincidences just make it a a certainty that this is going to go without fail we talk a lot about religion and god and and I I think that those are god winks so to speak you know the coincidences are that it's not I think that it's meant to be you know an area to come I just think it didn't work out for so many other times and so many other ways it didn't work out because it was not meant to be at that time and what I'm getting very emotional the grandchildren you know it's that I want the him my dad to be around for a long time right and when you realize that your parents aren't invisible invincible that then that cycle I'm growing up in the socks you know in that they're not healthy and then you have kids of your own and you want to be around forever absolutely we would have to deal with mom yeah right at the Molly gets a free pass yes now Molly how do you feel do you feel a little more superior than Katie now I mean you got to feel like all my gosh I'm the question walking like Conor McGregor after fight despite so okay what he done recently you said a birthday card it is really great and I wanted them to be on the phone to share that because you know it when you when you have on you don't have a living donor and you are light like you're on the kidney or any transplant list be ready to go there's no had that there's an unfortunately we've eight you don't think about it until you're in the situation you are waiting for someone to die right so that you can have life you've got to have your bag packed you got to be ready to go you have to make sure that you're near your phone at all times the next person right exactly and so and just because one is available doesn't mean that you're going to be the perfect match and so having Molly as a living donor and a perfect match has been on real well we circle we're so happy for you and thank you for sharing because you know there's people that are you know fighting battles that we don't know about so thank you for being willing to share we're having your if you make a very good point I'm hoping that our story can go on to other people and they can say Hey we have choices or we now have a little bit more information about it so we're we're happy to talk about it thank you for allowing us to share this and we hope that it'll help some of the people out there all right I love you I love you to love you have a good day are you too now Katie mentioned god winks some call it tender mercies orders no coincidences in life we're gonna get into that little more coming up with hearing Katie in the morning and a reminder in thirty minutes right now tickets see Justin Bieber live in concert that's at seven oh five be caller fifteen and you could win tickets to see Justin Bieber live in concert.

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