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Source of that outbreak frank sinatra's first wife nancy sinatra's senior has died her daughter nancy sinatra junior tweeted last night that her mother passed away peacefully at the age of one hundred one she was the blessing in light of my life godspeed momma said the tweet she did not say where her mother passed away angela anderson nbc news radio take a trip back with this week's rock almanac hey there rock and roll lovers it's west and i'm here to take you on a trip back to this week in rock and roll history let's start in nineteen seventy four where bruce springsteen and the east street band played the first of three nights six show residency at the newlyopen bottom line in new york city to shows received rave reviews created a buzz in the music industry this week in one thousand nine hundred five the grateful dead played their last concert with leader jerry garcia chicago's soldier field jerry would die of a heart attack a month later wall in drug rehab this week in nineteen ninety eight aerosmith were forced to cancel an upcoming u s tour after joey kramer was involved in a freak accident the drummer's car caught fire and was completely destroyed seems trying to fill it up with gas who was admitted to the hospital with second degree burns and this weekend nineteen eighty two the movie premiere for pink floyd's the wall was held in london the film which centers around a confined rocker named floyd pink pinkerton burn twenty two million dollars in its first year and one two british academy awards.

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