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But. But that's about all about all. I have to say about it I like I said I like it I'm glad I got it and that is pretty much everything this week. Great Magic anything. nope nothing this week. John John You did are you there oh? Yeah. I actually got a lot of stuff this week. Oh boy. Let's see here I'm not gonNA go into too much detail on anything but in particular but I got I was one for two this week on the great chase for Neka. CARTOON TURTLES AT. Targets. It's gotten I I. Guess if you check twitter like now it's probably a seven on the dumpster fire scale like the eleven it was a week ago. It's not good. But it's also just not like you know total war but things are trickling into targets across the country very slowly interesting thing about Neka and jumper transformers you know in some cases target. Or stay retail associates don't like stock what they get They actually have like vendors come in stock stuff. This is more common in like food like chips and stuff at three am and a kroger. You'll see like the guys come in merchandise. Soda afternoon. Yeah. Different times and then Yeah. Your mileage may vary when you that guy but this happens in toys and specialty product to naked is one of those. So they have they have reps or the country that go into targets and So the next merchandise ships via like a ups or whatnot to the to the back of the target then once a week or so the Neka Rep will come goldfish that box out of the back of the target and merchandise the. The shelves where the number is supposed to be. So in theory, you know you have a perfect plan Graham right because the rep comes comes and does it. Unfortunately, of course, reality is what it is and You know as soon as target employees maybe figure out hey, there things in this box that are profitable or wanted by me or others lots of times. The next person will come around and what do you know that box is is not sealed anymore and Kinda picked through. So so that's become kind of an issue here in there with Neka but anyway at least things are shipping. And people are finding stuff sporadically. So I found the Casey Jones foot soldier to pack still looking for metalhead, but I, think I'll find him eventually. Easy. Yes Bill Casey. Casey's the better anyway I think eventually this fall I will find metal heads. So moving on transformers though got Greece bits I, gods today It's your here appeared. That's the target closest to me had their great toy refresh. So, what I walked in, they had at least three snap dragons a secret to pack Sky Lynx and a Earth sized prime, which apparently is still kind of like a sought after a thing and then slither Fang rungs. So I got most of that I got picked up Sky Lynx and Snapdragon, and then I also whilst over to the to the Lego I'll just to see what else They've refreshed and I think the street dates on the Super Mario. Lego kits is technically like August first or something like that but but they broke it hard and there were like all the big Lego kits for the Super Mario sets were out in the blind packs were out. So I picked up a couple blind a blind packs. Those are adorable You should google that they're worth a google but. What do we have in the pine packs. Whether there I'm sure there's GonNa be like multiple waves. So this is wave one there's ten there's ten of them they're like three or four dollars apiece, and they include stuff like like a bomb abso- Let's see what else they have. They have Do a couple of GOUMAS. JIMBO's they have coupons couple of Cuba's. Grunts from the Super Mario levels that you can kind of build out and they are all interactive with Lega. Mario. So that core like Lego Mario figure that comes in the starter kit he interacts with the little blind pack guys That's. A really impressive lego ecosystem they're building also, very expensive. that. And I think that's about it for me. So I haven't opened most of this stuff, but you know I'll get around to it. I'm still building that nineteen eighty bat mobile. How many pieces? three, thousand I think something like that. Yeah it's like twenty two or twenty, three bags. So I'm doing what? They should start measuring those big. Lego. Kits not by the number of pieces. But by the number of hours, it took their their play testers to put them together. Yes like. Selling eighteen our kit. Then I might not want to buy it. Excellent. Thousand. Yeah for sure That's it for me. So I'm by I have I have a couple of weeks of of toys to get through. So I'm happy about that. So, let's see. Yeah. Yes it leaves me on I. got. Corporate Zehr. The walks Iraq with a Citibank's. said that goes with it such. Pretty cool. So I can read live. All my favorite headmasters dubs stuff what's happened to the hit masters and they fight without Chrome Dome Yeah Oh I need to get a chrome actually don't have one I have I have generations crammed into So yeah, Zach actually the nicest part of it. He is so much better than three bruce is so much better. It's as much better than as Scorpion knock is over fortress maximus. stood. The heat before it Max but no scorpions much better. It is much much better we. If, we don't hate it. We're just disappointed everything's metroplex spectrum as deserved his own his own tooling. that. That's what it comes down to. Everybody? Yes. So I, it's pretty. I haven't had a chance to play with it as much. So at Lake but Zach is great. So I got that I got the. John and mentioned repugnant up our Megan. snapdragon. So snapdragon excellent robots really good jet. Told many two modes. There's Septran track can only has two modes. He's a dragon in name only off mood socks. Unless. There's some sort of hidden articulation in his abdomen that missing or we could just try forcing harder. Yeah I guess I could then you'll leader uncovered already there or you'll have made a new one I mean, it's possible. It's literally possible that I missing something but looking at photos and everything I. Don't think that I am. So it is lacking a little bit of articulation dragon mode that it needs. But the robot mode is excellent. It's dead on exactly what I wanted. So I'm pretty happy with that. I got the repugnant. It's cute with the little. Whatever they're called little not repugnant. But Unlike Unlike the short cons from that hot rod set, they actually transform into robots. What Pentagon yes. Yeah which is awesome. I need more of that. Yeah. They're pretty great. So. Now do you think those are like tiny changers? Short cons initially concentrates for my thought they thought they didn't right. I know we were wondering before the set came out. If those were tiny turbo changer molds, I don't remember. I don't remember the actual eventual finding. You know I'll be honest with you either I'll be honest with you. I don't remember if the the Shark Durkan's tidy number changes next week transfer or not. I. Don't remember them transforming somebody help me out. Did anybody. matted you open them do they transform? What.

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