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Fuck up. It was New Year's eve disco hitmaker now Rogers and his sheep. Bam Aide Bernard Edwards Threaten House apartment. A couple blocks away from the studio fifty four fucking around the tars totally dejected angry Doorman Mark. Benecke for not letting them by the velvet rope into the studios much-hyped tighly exclusive New Year's Eve party to make matters worse. Nyland Bernard just going to the club party. They were going on business to me with grace. Jones discuss producing next album. So in effect there were standing up and fucking business in the process. They banged under. Qatar is in between of warm champagne street from the bottom fuck up. They were messing around channeling. Their Anger Benecke at seaview ballots studio fifty four house disco built while disco. Music was being built part by now and Bernard fuck off the more they played more became clear that the sound of what they're messing around with was actually sounding pretty good as they dug in. Fuck off soon. Organically morphed into freak God freakout just like that. Sheikh created a disco anthem. Born out of Studio Fifty. Four is ridiculous exclusivity. She's the freak. Go on to sell seven million copies and hit number one on the billboard. Hot One hundred. The first song to hit number one three different times over its lifespan. Twenty five total weeks on the chart now. Rogers and Mark. Benecke are now friends. No doubt because marks actions led to the creation of sheets massive hit in part the success of the three. Let's now rogers. Becoming an in demand producer. And a working with Madonna David Bowie not to mention the untold. Millions of dollars the track generated for songwriters and the millions were stacking up elsewhere as well in an interview in New York magazine in Nineteen Seventy seven on the success of Studio Fifty Four. Steve Rebel told the magazine. Only the Mafia does better that set off alarms at IRAS headquarters. Clearly rebel was joking about the amount of money. The club was making but the joke must've been rooted in some sort of truth everyone knew especially. Irs agents how notorious the nightclub business was for skimming. It was a cash business so it was easy. Skim money off. The top of the nightly take not reported to the federal government and thus not pay taxes in business taxes in nineteen seventy seven or a robust forty eight percent. The IRS suspected rebel was screwing uncle of serious coin. So they got to work. Rumor was the. Irs had a plant a snitch. A disgruntled employee irregular. Someone disrespected angered by. Steve rebel. Someone Steve Treated like either dress down in front of others kicked out of the club but more than likely refused to let pass the velvet rope matter either way. The SNITCH was pissed anger to being treated like shit and so he told the irs everything he knew the drugs mouse cocaine endless supply of quite lose. Steve kept it in his office. Kept the hidden away. In various spots around the club kept drugs on and especially when he had his big frumpy winter coat on then he was definitely holding in more than drugs. The coat was big enough to stash stacks of cash as well cash. Steve would hand out to friends. Warhol's especially but would also used to bring back to his eastside apartment where worry at close to nine hundred grand in small bills and it's constant. It's safe Ian. Schrager sees business partner was rumored to be driving around the city with four hundred grand cash in his trump in manage the nightly. Take it most who worked at studio fifty four new every night at midnight the receipts and the cash registers switched the cash register receipts from the earlier. Part of winning would account for one set of financial books and the Cash Register receipts from the Second Party would account for a second set of financial. Trump's two sets of books. The Ian Schrager kept meticulous records when federal is rated studio fifty four in the morning of December fourteenth. Nineteen seventy eight. The book stay on Earth in the raid. Made clear to them that. On average Steve rebel Ian Schrager. Were skimming about seventy thousand dollars a night over the course of a year and a half all in they take two point five million dollars the top into their pockets tax free. In addition to seizing records ages also sees trash bags filled with cash from the basement and five ounces of cocaine Steve rebel was arrested that day. He Andy and hired high profile attorney. Roy Cohn a bowl of lawyer former attack dog for the Red Baiting disgraced Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy in future mentor to the aforementioned Queens Real Estate Developer in future President Donald J trump. Roy Cohn did not fuck around. He dug in and began to fight for Ian. And Steve Steve Rebel perhaps inspired by Roy Cohen's notoriously aggressive tactics with the press in his most egregious. Active hubris decided. It was a good public relations strategy to accuse. White House Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan of using cocaine in the basement of the studio earlier that year that about sealed Steve the fate the Hubris the elitism the success. Steve Ian Studio Fifty four the high profile crime in court case where in the papers almost every day by the time the Sun came up on the Party of the Nineteen Seventies New Yorkers Americans. Frankly they were pissed off and tired of the elitist bullshit celebrities embezzlement designer drugs. These were High Society East Coast League problems for a culture. That was bending toward Ronald Reagan. Conservatism in an idealized regressive notion of what America should be it was shot and Freud when the judge gave Steve Rebel and Ian Schrager three and a half years in federal prison for corporate and personal tax evasion. A sentence that was ultimately reduced due to the duo's participation in helping the government convict four other New York City club owners competitors studio fifty four. What a swell couple of guys. The studio remained open under new management and eventually new ownership. When Stephen Ian went to jail in nineteen eighty but effectively with their departure and the turn of the decade. The party was over. Disco began with the spirit of inclusiveness a music and culture that encouraged in celebrated individuality a culture that was welcoming. No matter where you came from. Or what your identity was male female Gay Straight Trans Drag Rich Poor young old. It didn't matter you were welcomed so long as you were welcoming yourself. Studio fifty four embodied the spirit of disco and a lot of ways but not for everyone that was the irony. Steve rebels exclusive velvet rope policy smacks of elitism and led to not only the demise of studio fifty four but of disco as dominant cultural forests as well nineteen eighty nine. July a loft in downtown Manhattan the remnants of a dinner party turn cocaine pre-game turn night out at the club with more coke turned after party back the loft for it all started with more lines grass to take the edge off early morning hanging out semi famous. Dj's stockbrokers a street artist in Grace Jones still naked a decade plus days at Studio Fifty four smoking at joint in the corner. It's a relatively chill seeing despite the better part of the evening being in the rear view too high to go home too tired to do much of anything but wait on the son. Steve rebel is sitting alone on the SOFA. He's frail ten years removed from his heyday studio fifty four his life since a prison term acquit career. Resurgence upon his in Ian Schrager is release new clubs and hotel ventures and then the Gut Punch Reality AIDS. Steve was positive. Hiv and on that night the night he effectively escaped Beth. Israel Medical Center Party. He looked like death knowing that the writing was on the law then he only had a few days left to live. Stephen Been Drinking heavily in taking whatever drugs were put in front of and now the coughing wouldn't stop much to the annoyance of the other guests in the Loft Steve It in. Steve knew he had to get back to the hospital through the fits of coughing. He tried to make the dial on the rotary phone work. But no luck whenever he gets bony little finger into the hole the spin. The dial he'd start coughing again violently ended up to start all over. The coughs worst thunderous despite coming from such a frail man in seemingly endless and driving the others in the loft distraction to annoyance. Steve tried to dial again more coughing. No dice again more cops. Steve's hacking was now drowning out not only the conversation but the music coming with Stereo soon. He was likely to start waking the neighbors. Something had to be done. The owner of life took it upon himself. Let Steve rebel. No he wasn't welcome..

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