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Actually does kick me a little bit of money and then I take ten percent of that and give it to the wounded warriors project so you can contribute to everybody with a rib. Everybody wins and you get something in the mail like it's Christmas that's one of the great things about ordering something off line because a lot of times you forgot you ordered it and you had a bad day and you come home. There's like a little psycho present. Let's Nice you know and you forget the great things about that company. In fact I was talking to a friend of mine from Cleveland. Oh by the way. I'm playing hilarity this week. And Cleveland. Just type it. What Days Thursday? Friday Saturday Sunday. Only four days only through. How great is it cost is great? The nervous nervous. Nellie OF CLUB. We can still knock out a twenty year old. Whatever does he like sixty five or at least still still loves getting a break. He still. I didn't mean it. Curls last time I was motorcycles allegedly allegedly someone who looked like him Yanked somebody out of a car and to him up a little bit they say back. East really yeah. The Guy kept blowing his horn knicks knicks. No Joe and this thing about him too. He's truly as a tough guy because he didn't tell he didn't tell me he did it. Somebody else did. He doesn't fight so I grabbed this guy. Nick didn't say Shit. Somebody else told me the story and I was laughing my ass off and I went. I said Hey I heard. Some guy was beeping the horn it. You know what happened? I want to hear the story for him and the way he told the story was. Oh no no. He told me the story I I said. Hey how's business going? And he tells me story like that's been going on. I kind of problem with this guy. The guy you know he kinda you know just the way. He told they'll be great in a movie. Like hit some real tough guy telling the story and then you smash cut to like what's really banging his head against the oil. He seemed like he went into this. Rages where you don't even remember what you did. I wanted to work things out. You know. Yeah Greatest Guy ever and I absolutely loved that club and I'm hoping I'm trying to work on a date there right now. Dr. My rare the legendary the one and only guy with the swagger swagger swagger who has table reads with Renee Zellweger. She Calls Him Sweetie Jealous. Robert Deniro stairs bullets at you. He was broke character right. He starts laughing which I thought was great. One of the greatest American actors and say to this guy who wrote the script. I go so fun for me to see Robert Deniro giggles and breaking character. He goes well you know he doesn't really put everything into that. I said you don't have to defend Robert than hero to me. You Know I. I was in putting boots in children's theatre. He's he's doing raging bull boots. You know great actor. I can't. It's just a table. Read as if you didn't realize that that's one of the rate actors of all because I was going to say what is better than that. Was it all smoke and Mirrors? Lucky with the deer hunter. Taxi driver raging bull goodfellas. Anybody can get lucky. Casino mean streets. What was modest. Go back and forth. Cme Deniro's we was the one that he played rupert. Pumpkin the comedy was great. Wasn't it phenomenal? I can't believe I don't own that. That's I know as a comedian. I don't I don't that let let me ask you. Let me ask you favorite actor of all time cheese comedy or drama drums. Something they don't let a lot of Comedians do even. Our lives are so creativity the acting compared the movie stars. Make sure you have the Mike up there. Oh Shit sorry I would say Maybe Pacino let me Pacino because of a dog day afternoon but Deniro's right there. I mean there's two guys they're not because they're saying you know I mean like Ned beatty great talent because they made the greatest movies of the last forty years. Yeah I mean you know I was joking with someone who yours. I was talking about this greatest. Imdb page flawless is. Is John Khazal John Kozelsk IMP. He S. five movies all were nominated for Best Pitch Godfather than he was in the conversation Afternoon Godfather to dog day afternoon in the deer. Hunter Wow. He doesn't have won a boat trip. We have one outdoor money. Like bad news. Bears par-three at room. Those haranguing Tang movies. Clint Eastwood was doing shop in any of those things. I love those sweet short. Resume her five those five movie. I took a train with him. Just by coincidence from real from New York to Boston image girlfriend were sitting next to me. We talked the whole time. Meryl Streep now. I don't think so. He resigned his growth but towards the end. Yeah I didn't know her. I don't know how good he was. He was giving her tips. I'm joking I watched this thing. What's what's the famous phrase who I knew it was you broke. My heart is further to. I knew it was you in the boat. So there's a documentary that was on. Hbo called. I knew it was you and it was about John. Kazaa and it's just it's De Niro Pacino Meryl Streep All just. He was so great and Dog Day afternoon the way he played that. Psychotic guy. Yeah the window remember. He didn't even know what Montana was throws a country or some innocent. It's in stupidity so I have never been on a Brooklyn over the whole way that they did the whole thing. Who's your favorite all? I have the Hacky I like. I like Laurence Olivier. Those guys are great. You know all right. Well I'll give you the when I was young. I was like leave me out of this. I I like I Lee Marvin Charles Bronson Charles Bronson. I just watched one of his old movies called the Big House in one thousand nine hundred eighty five years small partner. I'm telling you as far as like physiques. He's the original like the market is Iraq. He was he was fucking shredded before people knew how to do. P ninety x needs to work in mines and Poland back then like what I love about the forties and fifties and even into the sixties like like being in shape just meant. You weren't fat. You know what I mean like when you watch one of those guys but even some of them back in the back way early didn't have muscular. Harrity like you watch like Ben Hur. And they're all just like all suck in the guts in always had like some sort of like it looked like a wrestling championship belt that they put like a Cummerbund that they always have over their gut and they would just sort of have their sort of Sh- sort of pacs like did they just showed up with what they had. Christopher Christopher Reeves Who's The guy who played Superman Christopher? He's now the other the old man on television. Yeah he wasn't insured his no shape at all illegally accardo played. Batman wasn't a utility belt but his brother was Hercules debriefs. His name was even though but and he he was really in. Shape is one of those guys that really look like look like Hercules and they both they. Both Superman died. Tragically in that weird. I remember I used to do a bit on Christopher Reeves and it was it was it was paralyzed which might seem insensitive but I was but it was not talking about what a pussy I was ever. People had those horrific fuck it injuries like that. I consider a blessing. I'm just GONNA every day. I'm alive and Blah Blah Blah and like. Oh Yeah and then they always go like well. I'd pick them because he knew that he could handle this challenge. My bit was. Don't ever fucking pick me. I'll be in that we will take. Shell Me Kill Me Kill me. I was saying I would steer the fucking wheelchaired zone myself down the stairs. There's no yeah fucking way. I can handle the only thing I could hand. Is Somebody flipping me over in fucking wipe my ass and I was just going. I I would just have to be joking around. I shouldn't be saying There's a few things I never make fun. I was younger I never make. I don't make fun of Handicapped. I don't like is there are somethings I don't make fun of. I don't make special. Needs kids just shit. I don't do adult retarded kids retarded people rather I always say. Get to a certain age. You could make fine. You WanNa hear one one story that I tell that I only usually tell off stage I was at a I was at a red sox. Game Fenway Plaque right and I'm sitting in the bleachers and there was this family of legs father with three sons two of them were just regular people and the other one was special needs but he was a monster he was like fucking six two and we were sitting out in Centerfield and we will almost behind the bullpen. And so this you know the weird configurations of Fenway. It's like a row went to a wall and the wall went up and then there was like left field right field centerfield. I Guess Center right and then there's the centerfield bleachers where the garage doors so the the kid who had mental problems was like up against the wall or whatever and he was. I don't know what his deal was. He was getting worked up and his dad was telling the calm down. He's like fuck you. He's like curse it. It was like retarded or whatever and then his dad finally goes. Come on calm down. I would the crowds. And he was getting amped up and then the kid got to fucking amped up data on sit down he was like Nah down. His Dad wound up in his heart as he could slug this kid as well but that was like sixty five and this kid was like twenty eight and he was a monster and he hit him in the chest and the kid is one of those things but no one wanted to laugh ride. It was fucking it was like right out of it. I don't fucking like over the top car terrified. Because you're like yeah get that to settle. Because he's big enough to kill all of us. What am I doing some people wheelchairs shit? I don't talk about bronzes story that I was doing a roast for Mickey Rooney Right. And I'm there with Martin Landau George Segal Me Charles Bronson. This is the half of the day of Christ and Charles Bronson I go. I just turned to him and he was very quiet. You know I gotTa tell you. It's really cool to meet you. And he goes without even like inflicting any make any motion goes pitchman at Napkin. Where I go yeah. How fucking cool is that option so rude? I love it right so I go up on stage and I'm like roast and not only Mickey Rooney but like other people in the days and I tell the story about Brunson. I go how cool that you know. This is Charles. This guy is death. Wish Guy and all right and he's so cold that he doesn't even accept accountant. You asked me for Napkin and then I come in and sit down. And Goes Hey. I'm sorry I can't hear this year. I wanted you to be mean but I loved all those guys and I was wondering the other day I was talking to somebody going like. Why do the stars back then? The Lee Marvin Lebron's and all them. Why did they seem through those guys? One hundred thirty forty pounds but you just had they had that vibe. I would never fuck with that guy and then you look at the stars today. You look at Brad Pitt. Add you know came or whatever that guys like six two six three shredded right. The highlights in his hair..

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