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There in Ohio. I've got my regular co hosts here. Jigger Shah in Katherine Hamilton. Diggers the President Co founder of generate capital. He is there in Bethesda Maryland I jaeger. Hey, how's it going? Good scandal? You're so excited about the third story. You just corruption scandal. This is what you're talking about, so I can imagine you're really excited. Well I would choose to use the word debacle debacle wide debacle. What's the difference I? Don't know I feel like scandal. You know sort of. I duNno, it's an overused word. Wasn't it the name of TV show? It was but I. Think Scandal is a pretty good word. Catherine is an Arlington Virginia. No wait Catherine is not in Arlington Virginia. She is in Washington DC folk. She is in her office in Washington DC. She is the CO founder of thirty nor solutions. Catherine. What are you doing there in DC I? See I see the city behind you. Yeah, we had a series of epoch. Epoch storms as last night we finally gave out, and our electricity went off, and I had to tell my for my kids that Abraham Lincoln did not have devices, and they didn't need devices, either and when it gets dark, you go to sleep so I came into my office the first time since March well. It's actually Kinda Nice and refreshing to see a different like cityscape. But stay safe you know I think. A lot of our listeners will know that you used to be a line worker for utility. Do you ever get the urge to put on the hard hat and go out and find where the outages? Oh like I do that whenever we have an outage. Trace it and try to figure out. It was at our transformer. Was it the fuse down the street? So yeah I definitely do that. Still she uploads the longitude latitude for you know. Dominion used to know all the. We also have a special guest emily. Atkin is climate, writer and editor. She is founder of the newsletter heated. She's a former journalist at the new republic and think progress and her newsletter is all about people in power, and what they're doing or not doing about climate disruption. Emily, thanks for joining us. Thank you for having me, so let's talk about Biden's climate. Climate Plan I during the primaries I think a lot of watchers saw biden as a disappointment. He was nostalgic about the Obama era. His biggest most ambitious goal was to get America back into the Paris climate plan, and a lot of people felt like he was just way too conservative, and not up with the Times in with the science was telling us we needed. Needed to do but today or in the last couple of weeks he's published this sweeping climate plan that is so sweeping it is actually consistent with climate science, and it is getting a lot of praise from groups that once criticized by or at least there are sort of cautiously joining in and saying okay, he's he's with his climate plan according to any news calls. Calls for more spending than almost all of his other proposals, including education housing and the OPIOID epidemic it proposes two trillion dollars for infrastructure for a broad range of climate investments for environmental justice If I gave you a dollar every second for sixty thousand years, we still wouldn't be quite at two trillion dollars, so it's a good chunk of change it's. It's part of this frenzy of reports being released by House Democrats by Biden's campaign and just this week the Democratic Party. So, how is bny doing? What has changed Catherine to you I what is in this report? Yes, so it's all part of this build back better plan for economic recovery that includes American manufacturing and innovation, modernizing infrastructure and an equitable clean energy future. Future, there's a whole education workforce piece and then advancing racial equity kind of underpinning everything, so he's very much focused on this as part of an economic recovery vision, but also has it varies. Standards focused so whether it's auto, standards or facility, buildings, standards, or energy, efficiency or renewable energy. It's very much focused on standards with really meeting the movement of needing to. To address the issue of environmental racism and It's big. It's bold. Obviously, it's got a lot of money attached to it, and it seems like it's quite thoughtful and holistic in its approach. Emily You have been following a lot of the pressure on Biden the evolution of his campaign. What do you make of this report and the difference between what he's saying? Saying now and what he was saying months ago I think it shows that Biden is able to be pressured by the left and I think that it kind of shows you. What the differences between the the type the type of work if you're in the climate policy or environmental policy space, the type of work that you can be doing whether you're working for. Trying to pressure a Biden administration or trying to pressure a trump administration I don't think anything any activists has has proposed to be even considered by trump administration. So that's one thing. I mean the climate policy plan that Biden had. Months ago during the debates bent one point seven trillion dollars I believe over a period of ten years to. achieve a net zero economy by twenty fifty. This plan pledges to spend the same amount of money over a period of four years so pretty more rapid timeframe. To achieve net zero by two thousand fifty, but also completely decarbonised the electricity sector by twenty thirty five. which is a big chunk of the carbon? That we emit a big chunk of our contribution to climate change. And then plus all these extra environmental justice initiatives most notably. Biden's pledge to give forty percents of the economic benefits from clean energy investments to disadvantaged communities, communities disproportionately affected by..

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