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This is WTO P news. It's 5 53 now, a group of former top military officials is warning that the military's relationship with civilian world is getting too fuzzy. Federalist network Scott marioni explains. 8 former defense secretaries and 5 former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said the United States needs to reinforce the civilian control of the military in an open letter the men lay out 16 tenants explaining the limits of the military as a political institution. They know that military officials are facing extremely adverse environments where polarization is threatening the proper transfer of power in the nation. The former officials also noted that civilian leaders should give the military ample opportunity to express doubt about certain orders and appropriate venues. Scott marioni, federal news network. A second group of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's personal belongings will be available at an estate auction starting today. The items include two of our lace collars, one was beaded, the other embroidered, each offered at three to $5000, bids will be accepted until September 16th. The D.C. shorts the International Film Festival returns tomorrow through Sunday, and this year's the in person festival is going to look different with the new location. I just hope that with this being the return to in person that we can remix things a little bit, but bring back the traditions and a D.C. shorts, so great since 2003. Bo Ken list is excited to take over as executive director of D.C. shorts. This is my first crack at it. I do have some grandiose ambitions for the film festival brand. So I'm so excited to introduce myself. I grew up here. He's also moving locations from the usual E street cinema downtown to the Alamo drafthouse cinnamon northeast. The Alamo drafthouse, you know, it's a franchise, but the one northeast actually has a Smithsonian inspired museum theme. Find out more on WTO be dot com. Jason for AWT open news. Maryland and Virginia are among the 34 states and territories that have reached a settlement with Juul labs, the E cigarette manufacturer will pay nearly $440 million to settle an investigation into the company's claims about the safety and benefits of its vaping products. The products have long been blamed for a national surge in team vaping, attorneys general and 33 states and Puerto Rico joined together in 2020 to investigate Jules early claims about vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. The company still faces separate lawsuits from other states and federal health regulators are trying to ban Jules products

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